Celebrity encounters, hot tennis chicks, and McDonalds chess...

Spent an enjoyable evening last night with Nova and D!, watching Mystery Science Theatre DVDs. And went to bed too late, so I had a fun morning.

* * *

I was selling a customer a new receiver for his StarChoice satellite this afternoon. The guy, I'm thinking, was not quite all there. He and his roommate were, well, slow. So I internally laughed my ass off at the following exchange.

I'm looking down at something on the counter, helping him out.

ROOMMATE: You know,you look like that famous person.

ME: (vaguely paying attention, thinking "Here we go. Another Brendan Fraser lookalike...") Yeah?

RM: Yeah. You've got the same chin. And those big lips.

(I look up, with a mock glare)

CUSTOMER: Yeah. I see it. From that movie.

RM: I can't remember his name. But he's got the blonde girl at his side.

C: Do you have a blonde girl at your side?

ME: No, not really.

C: That's a shame. So tell me, if you look like this movie star, why aren't you in Hollywood?

ME: Dunno. I guess he got there first.

C: (laughs) Yeah. That's it.

RM: That's the movie! Maryanna Jones!

C: Yeah! That's the one.

ME: (in my head) What? I look like Maryanna Jones, sorry, Harrison Ford? That's a new one...

C: Yup. All you need is the blonde at your side.

RM: Yeah, you've got to get rid of the two redheads you've probably got at home.

I start laughing.

ME: Yeah, that's it. I'll just trade the two redheads in for a newer model of blonde.

I find this funny, because I tend to go after blondes the least. Brunettes/dark-haired women are definitely first, followed by redheads, and then blondes. 'Course, there ARE exceptions...

They leave, thanking me for the receiver. And I chuckle. Maryanna Jones. That's a good one...

* * *

Jeff called to Martin, my co-worker, by yelling "Hey, Martina Hingis!" I guess he just wanted to see if Martin would respond, which he did.

But not before I said, "You know, if Martin WAS Martina Hingis, it would be a lot harded to get any work done around here. I'd be lusting after him constantly."

Martina Hingis, is my opinion the most attractive tennis athlete ever! You can tell every guy who goes for the blonde buxom Russian lust-bunny that she couldn't hold a candle to the lovely Martina.

Martin goes for Jennifer Capriati, and I suppose he's got a point. But for me? Miss Hingis all the way...

God, I'm such a geek...

* * *

After work, I went to the Kingsway McDonalds, since I didn't have a chance to take a lunch break today. ($1600 personal sales...)

While reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, I noticed a whole bunch of older men at three tables, playing chess. I've never seen that before, but then, I'm rarely at the Kingsway McDonalds on Sunday evenings.

So I took a break from reading, just to watch. Some guys were speaking loudly, in another language every time they moved. Some were just playing silently.

It was cool, just discovering this group of older gentlemen playing chess. I wondered, just what do the workers think of them? Are they annoyances? Are they tolerable, as long as they buy something? I should have asked, but my bus was across the street, so I had to just leave it.

Maybe I'll go back next week or something...

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