A few small questions (and sorry about the morbidity...)

I thought up some questions to answer on this site, just for fun:

I was reading the weathergeek's journal, and he was talking about how he'd want his obituary to read.

I had no clue what mine would read, other than it happening not too far into my life. And I'd be a successful writer/humourist. And I'd die in some awkward way.

I remember reading about an Israeli soldier who die when he got caught in a pizza dough maker in Jerusalem and was kneaded to death. And I remember it being a cool, but painful way to die.

And then I thought I could die post-coitus in a bed, but that might be too traumatizing for that lover, so that's out as well.

In any case, a flashy death would be cool. But it was the post-death plans that intrigued me: How would I like to go out afterwards?

Cremation. Most definitely. No worrying about a coffin or a corpse. Just a bunch of ashes, to be spread around. After I left high school, I figured I'd want some of my ashes to go into the stage at Peacock Collegiate. These days, I'd like some to be spread out in Edmonton somewhere. And if I ever became a writer, be it at a paper or wherever, I'd like some ashes to be mixed into the printing press, so I could live on in words.

Another question for my readers: Which celebrity do you get most compared to (either in personality or in appearance)?

For me, it's always Brendan Fraser. Always.

Not sure if it's the jawline, or the goofiness that both of us project, or what. But I've been compared to him more than enough times, most recently last night by Oksana, a new friend I met (yes, from Jade Monkey...).

I just want to know if it's the cool Brendan Fraser from the Mummy series and Encino Man, or if it's the nebbish dolt Brendan Fraser from Bedazzled and Dudley Do-Right...

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