The biggest debacle in American politics...

Do you know your alphabet? Yeah?

Well, think again, SUCKERS!!!!

The California recall is getting weirder and weirder by the second. And they have a new alphabet now, to boot!

Since there's going to be at least 115 people on the ballot when the election hits in October, the state has decided it doesn't want to give anyone an unfair advantage if their name happens to be, oh, Arthur A. Aaronson. Because some voters are apparently stupid enough to choose the first name on the list.

So, the state has decided to randomly draw an order for the ballot.

The new order? R, W, Q, O, J, M, V, A, H, B, S, G, Z, X, N, T, C, I, E, K, U, P, D, Y, F, L.

It gets funnier/more tragic:

We can't have John Randolph having an advantage over Bill Rook! EVERY letter is affected by this. So someone with "RO" would go before someone with "RE."

Confused yet? Wait a second, there's more:

They're using a rotation for each district. So in District 1, David Laughing Horse Robinson is the first name on the ballot. In District 2, his name goes to the bottom of the list, and Jeff Rainforth gets the top slot.

I've been an interested party in the political process since the late 80s. And I've become aware of the sad pathetic joke that democracy can occasionally become since Journalism School.

I thought it was tragically funny when one of the mayoral candidates in the '99 Edmonton election (a busker) decided to attack the A-Channel building and got send to Alberta Hospital for mental treatment. And his name was still on the ballot.

I shook my head during the American Federal 2000 election.

But THIS is one fucking huge mess. I think they should have to admit their mistake they made when they ELECTED GRAY DAVIS and LIVE WITH IT!

Am I the only one who wishes it was California that had a massive power outage, instead of our friends on the East Coast?

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