Not quite obsessed about this, but getting there...

So, on Friday, my manager Jeff calls me into the back room. And asks me point blank, "Are you in love with Sam?"

I ask, "What? Who said that? Jeff, I'm not in love with Sam. I'm attracted to her, but then who isn't?"

Meanwhile, in my mind, I'm thinking Who's the one who picked up my attraction? Am I that transparent?

(Sometimes, when I think I'm completely overreacting over something, that's when everyone else doesn't notice. And sometimes when I think I'm a rock, the most stoic man alive, that's when everyone can read my thoughts as if they were on the Commonwealth Stadium scoreboard.)

So then, on Monday when the Sears Marauder comes in to pick me up for lunch, he notices Sam. And asks me about her constantly over lunch.

"Man, she's cute! I know YOU can't ask her out, but do you think *I* can?"

I reply, "Sure, go ahead. She hasn't said yes to any of the customers who ask her out, though."

Today, I call up Sears, about to ask if the Marauder's available for lunch. The Avenger answers the phone.

"Hey, Avenger. It's Jago. Is Marauder there?"

"No, he's got the day off today. Might I tell you, you have quite the cute girl working at your store."

I roll my eyes. "Yeah, Sam's quite the looker, alright. When did you see her?"

"I went down to your store after my shift on Monday."

"Let me guess. You heard about her because Marauder was talking about her nonstop, right?"

Sigh. Yes, there's a very cute girl working at my store. No, I'm not asking her out, mostly because I'm leery of interwork relationships. Granted, once I leave RS, who knows? But she still is only 18. That might be very weird...

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