Fringe Journal, Part II

Didn't have any performances today. Got to sit back and relax, play some Neverwinter Nights, and watch some plays.

Canton and I decided to take up the offer of our new Calgary friends to see The Course of True Love and the Curse of the Jade Monkey.

Fun little show (if you want to call two hours little) about a guy who works at a newspaper with a graphic design job with no excitement in his life, until he crosses paths with a mysterious girl who sends him a jade monkey. They fall in love, and he decides to leave his boring life for some excitement, getting caught up in the girl's treasure hunting.

Some pretty funny moments and a good script, even if it was a bit ambitious for a small venue. So many scene changes, some scenes ended up in the two minute range. Other than that, a show I'd definitely recommend for some fun acting performances, well-written characters and a good comic romp.

Afterwards, we hung out with the cast (not just Anna and Faith, but pretty much everyone who WASN'T driving back to Calgary for work the next day...). Found a hometown girl from Saskatchewan, Oksana from Coronach, so we started telling horrible Regina stories and the like.

Together, the (about) ten of us went to see DieNasty again, and were in line just talking until the show started. It started to rain, and Oksana had nothing to keep her warm, so I ran home for a jacket for myself and a sweatshirt for her. Yes, I can be gallant, although I just usually play the part of Goofus.

And before you think there was some ulterior motive for me giving a pretty girl something to keep dry with, she's married. Otherwise, you'd be completely right...

So we saw another uneven episode of DieNasty. Good points: Donovan Workun wrestling Cathleen Rootseart (complete with piledriver) and the creepiest Nathan Fillion (Yes, girlone: Caleb from Buffy...) performances I've ever seen... (Him eating the eyeball of another cast member, him seducing a barmaid under the influence of The Dancing Man, him breaking up with Julia Roberts in the Army and Navy Special K aisle...)

So Canton and I were able to get email addresses for the Calgary crowd and managed to get them to come for another of Kow's performances. They loved us the first time, and were asking when we'd get down to Calgary. And I need my sweatshirt back as well...

* * *

I need a bear-shark.

* * *

In the "God, I can be stupid" file:

I found out while on the computer that for some reason, I wasn't able to do anything. Any window I clicked on wouldn't come up. I'm thinking, "Jeez, my computer's frozen up. I hope it's not the new worm that everyone's getting. Because I've got seventy-two different firewalls running simultaneously."

I reboot the computer. No dice, still not working. I get a bit freaked out, because I don't want to lose my computer to a few weeks. (RS extended warranties are taken down to Calgary).

Then I find out somehow, it's just my mouse. My left button is broken. So I'm currently using the left-handed mouse option, where the right button is the main one.

Afterwards, I realize that's one task that I'm not left-handed in: using a mouse. So convenient to use my left hand on the keyboard, I guess. And I've been manipulated by the right-hand world in this respect, from the time I was about ten.

I guess this also explains why I can't use MS Paint or any computer drawing program to save my life, though. I can't draw right-handed.

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