Good thing I've got dry pants for tomorrow...

Rain falls.

And I was in the middle of it, walking back from the house to my apartment. Wearing only my dress shirt and pants. No jacket.

I liked it that way. No need to rush back home. Just take in the moisture, watch it make a camouflage effect on my grey shirt. It's not like I need to wear this shirt for work tomorrow. Feel my hair mat against my head and cheeks. (Yes, my hair's that long these days...)

And afterwards, dressed very casually, hnuched over in front of my keyboard, letting my place's warmth dry me, au naturel. And yet, of course, I sweat.

* * *

So today's Kow rehearsal turned into something MUCH bigger...

Dev picked me up from work today, and on the way over, I asked a question that would change the evening:

"Hey, do you know if we're still doing that fundraiser for that theatre troupe? Because if it's tomorrow, I've been scheduled to work..."

Dev: "CRAP! No! That's tonight!"

Me: "Wouldn't Canton have told us if that was the case? No, wait a sec. He's probably forgotten as well."

So we get to the house to rehearse. Canton shows up, and when we mention the performance, he's shocked.

"No, that's over the weekend, isn't it?"

Dev: "Nope."

So Canton phones up the producer of this benefit concert, and finds out, yes it IS tonight. And would it be possible to bring our sound equipment, just in case the sound engineer doesn't show up?

Joel and Gil haven't arrived to rehearse yet. When they DO get in, Gil needs to shower. But after that, we take our stuff and head to local bar The Druid.

We make up a set list on the fly, deciding what songs work and don't work on mics. In all, not a bad concert. Some songs we realize we need to polish before taking them to Fringe, and that Gil needs to get into the mic as much as he can.

The audeince was decent, considering there were a whole bunch of bar people who weren't there for the fundraiser, so we performed in front of a lot of people who haven't heard of us. Publicity's a good thing before the biggest set of concerts we've ever had.

* * *

I talked to my dad a few nights back and found that my dog, Piers, has glaucoma in one eye. So, he'll be getting surgery to fix it. Problem is, this means the dog will lose his eye.

I seriously considered asking why we don't just get the dog laser eye surgery. And then realized, "Wait a sec. I'm thinking of giving Piers surgery I wouldn't seriously consider getting myself?"

God, I love the dog. But I'll just have to live with it having one eye. Maybe he could get an eyepatch! And be a pirate!

Ahrrr! A pirate Pekinese, it be!

But seriously, the dog has pretty much turned out to be mine, even though I haven't really lived at home for most of it's life. Hell, we got it the summer before my Grade 12 year. So I lived with the dog for only two years continually. I haven't even SEEN Piers since Grandma Dokken's deathwatch in November 2001.

But whenever I come home, he runs to me. And is so happy to see me. He sleeps on my bed during thunderstorms, and goes on walks with me. Even if that was a few years back.

* * *

My new co-worker Sam came up to me during the shift and asked me, "Is it weird that I've been asked out on dates at least once a day since I started working here?"

I looked at her, and thought, Gee, because you're cute, small, young and really friendly? God forbid people are attracted to you!

But of course, what I said was, "Damn. Why do you get the numbers?"

Reminds me of Carey, the athletic blond intelligent cutie who was telling me one day about how her boyfriend would get her gifts.

At which point I asked, "Damn! They do all those things? Sigh. I wish I had a boyfriend..."

Carey laughs out loud, and the customer she's serving pleads, "Don't go there. Please."

"You know," Carey said, "girlfriends can do that for you too."

"Even better!" I exclaim.

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