Fringe Journal, Part IV (final entry)

On Friday, Dev and I went to see Checkpoint Charlie, a very well done play featuring some improv friends of ours.

Steve Weller wrote and starred in a show set in Berlin during a forty-years span for the Berlin Wall and all the politics between Russia and America. Sharp writing, good acting and not much in the way of directing (in a good way) all contributed to this being probably the best show I had seen at Fringe. Dev and I were gushing to Steve afterwards about how much we enjoyed it.

No performances for Kow that day, and I was hoping to hang out with the Scorpio crew. I was invited along for their evening out on the town, but, unfortunately, I realized that the only way we could contact each other was to hang out on the Fringe grounds. They didn't know where I lived, we didn't exchange phone numbers (only e-mail), and so it didn't go anywhere.

Did have a nice time at the Transatlantia party, mind you. So the evening was by no means a waste.

Saturday, my parents had come up to see the show. We went shopping, which is something I'll elaborate on later.

So we did a fun set, and for some reason, my mic was SUPER live! I could hear only myself out of the monitors, even when I held the mic six inches from my mouth. So, it had a good blend.

My parents and my aunt enjoyed the show, so that was cool.

Today (Sunday) was the last day of the Fringe. Girlone and I stood in line before the Kow show to get tickets for BoyGroove. Of course, the venue was sold out about three people before us. So, no show for this. BUT! There are going to be other performances of BoyGroove this week, so we will eventually see it...

Our last show. First of all, we thought we were on the big stage, but we weren't. And we had told all our friends to go to the other stage. And my parents. So it was a bit confusing. We decided to go all out, and perform 15 songs.

There was a very attractive brunette in the third row wearing a bikini top. So I always had a default person to sing to if need be. And then she left halfway through. I wasn't the only member of Kow sad to see her leave...

It was nice to see the Scorpio actors there for the last part of the performance as well. It's great that we were able to meet a bunch of new friends, something that RARELY happens during Fringe. Usually, it's just me hanging out with my acting friends. But this was very cool.

So, final total for money grossed by Kow at the Fringe? Drum roll, please...

Just over $2500. I think it came to $2504.14, or something. So, a very successful Fringe by Kow. We'll have to do it again.

Dev was amazed at all Kow has accomplished over the past year. Two benefits completely organized by us, and a huge Fringe undertaking. Our profile has definitely gone up over the last year.

Still, I'm looking forward to a week of not singing...

We decided to go to Dunn's Delicatessen for some huge reuben sandwiches, and then all went to see the final show of The Curse of the Jade Monkey. And got to say goodbye to the Scorpio crew, and decline their invite to the Olive Garden. I had a pay-per-view to watch, and had already eaten out twice today.

Very long, but rewarding week...

* * *

Now, the parents stuff. Every time they come up, they tend to help me flesh out my palce a bit. This time, they had brought up a HUGE microwave to replace my smaller one, and a kitchen table and chairs from Grandpa's cabin at the lake. The table and chairs are circa 1950. It's got that kind of retro-looking pattern with the six-point stars and the like...

We then went shopping for cleaning supplies and cookware, so I wasn't without such handy things as glass baking pans and cake pans and the like.

Dad told me that they had decided to buy me a computer desk. I didn't mind this development, and was further pleased when he added, "And a TV set."

So I got myself a 20" flatscreen Samsung. With a few inputs, so I can steal back my GameCube from MFJ. (NEEDS my Zelda fix. NEEDS IT!) And component video inputs, so I can use my DVD player again, and ignore my computer's player. Funny thing is, I'm currently using a 19" flatscreen monitor, so my TV's not much bigger at all. Still, for $270? A very good deal.

And Dad and I were putting together the computer desk in my living room, when I heard running water coming from the kitchen.

Me: "Mom, what are you doing? DON'T do my dishes, Mom!"

Mom: "What else am I supposed to do? I can't help you guys."

Me: "Mom, please! It's not your problem that all my dishes are in the sink! That's my problem! Sit! Read a book! Do something!"

I had to run to rehearse before our concert that night, and when Dev and I came back at 10 pm, I find the kitchen immaculate, as well as the bathroom. Sigh. I love my mom, but she shouldn't have to clean my messes these days.

I couldn't find where she hid my dishes, though...

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