Who knew? Some things just make me laugh...

These days, I don't have much time to read the newspapers, and I don't have a TV, so I don't get broadcast news either. It's kind of scary to think that most of my prespective on world events is brought to me by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Granted, it could be a lot worse. At least the Daily Show is intelligent in its humourous spin on news. I could get all my info from Leno. (shudder)

Still, I was quite shocked today while walking to my store when I saw the following headline on a newspaper:

"Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction: Killer Dinosaurs!"

I mean, THAT is some shocking news! No WONDER the UN teams OR the U.S. couldn't find any bombs or nuclear warheads! They weren't supposed to be looking for that! They thought that Hussein International Jurassic Park was just some sort of amusement park, not the basis of WMD research!

Man, those Iraqis sure are a crafty bunch...

Thankfully, I'm steering clear of the Kobe Bryant case. And the less said about the California gubernatorial race, the better...

Actually, let me drop a thought on that:

I was going through my Daily Show videos, seeing what's been funny this week, when I find out about the Liberian chaos, or the Jakartan bombing, the American media decides to ignore the international stuff for Arnold Schwartzenegger's running for office.

As Jon Stewart said, "Wow. If Kobe was running, [the media] would be spilling man juice on their desks."

I laughed. A lot.

Also, Gary Coleman is running. D! told me a quote that Coleman used in his campaign:

His platform is . . . and I quote . . . "I'm the worst possible candidate for this job. If elected, I'll have to follow everyone else around in Washington, bugging them until I learn my job."

Now, I'm by no means an American, but my knowledge of the situation is as follows:

The gubernatorial seat of California is Sacramento. Why would Coleman go to Washington at all? For crying out loud! Whatchu talkin' about, Gary?

Also, the first gay bishop was ordained by the Anglican church this week. First of all, the headline Stewart used on his show was "A Taste of Schism." I fell from my seat.

"In all fairness, you should have seen the titles we didn't use," Stewart said. "Most likely, your TV would have filtered them."

Also, he used the story to crack the joke, "The Anglican church is also publishing a new book, Jesus Has Two Daddies."

It's sharp wit like this that has made the Daily Show the show I miss the most not having a television...

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