Plays I MUST see and a job I MUST take...

Starting my vacation, just in time for Fringe and countless Kow shows.

And man! Do I have a list of plays I want to see this week!

Going to see BoyGroove, Chris Craddock's parody of boy bands, starring my improv friend Matt. Girlone and I have a plan to catch this one.

The Edmonton Sketch Conspiracy involves a whole lotta Jagged Edge friends, inlcuding D! and Marauder. Plus, how can I miss a performance of Morrissey or Les Bucherons? A greatest hits of the ESC is a must-see.

Scott Sharplin's Glengarry Glen Ross is another I'm looking forward to. A dark comedy involving real estate salesmen written by David Mamet? SO there...

The Tunnels of Little Chicago is a musical involving Moose Jaw's sordid rumrunning history. I'm interested to see how that is going to be.

Of course, there's going to be Die Nasty every night. Some solid, solid improv soap opera action. AND it's free to performers, such as me!

Morgan Smith's new play (forgot the title). I loved last year's Cheerleader, so I'll be definitely taking this one in.

Gallows Humour is directed by D! So I'll either see it, or have him berating me for a while...

And I'll take in a Hoja show when I can. Completely new cast, three old members of Streetnix and a guy from MJ whose sister I acted with. Granted, this is a different crew from last year (Thank God), and a completely different crew than what's listed on their website. So I'm not sure if they're still trying to be a boy band, or if they're going back to Streenix's roots, which was a LOT better.

In other news, the Journal's hiring. Damn well better believe I'm applying.

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