So cookies are a freakin' SOMETIMES food now?

By now, I'm sure most of you are aware with the changes going on at Sesame Street in the new season. Namely, the whole thing with Cookie Monster.

He has decided, apparently with the help of overreacting parents, to moderate his cookie input and start focusing on other kinds of healthier foods.

A brilliant critique was posted here. I agree with everything Fred Clark says in this article. Especially this quote:

"For the past three decades the Cookie Monster has been the monstrous embodiment of gluttony. He has, in other words, always taught children about healthy eating habits."

So now, in an effort to teach kids about healthy eating, Sesame Street is losing the ability to teach kids about subtext. Sad, really.

* * *

I went to Pavlov Improv on Saturday evening, only to find that I wouldn't be playing this week. Okay, fine and dandy. I participated in the workshop beforehand, and sat down to enjoy the show and the food that Jekyll and Hyde offers.

Five minutes before the show, I hit the bar to order a beer and water.

I come back into the stage part of the pub, only to be startled by my boss and co-worker at a table.

Me: "When did you guys get here?"

Mark: "Oh, about a minute ago."

Me: "Is this some sort of coincidence?"

Dustin: "No, we were at work today, got bored, and checked out the internet history, and found your website."

Me: "Oh."

Mark: "I asked Dustin, 'doing anything at 11 pm tonight?' So here we are."

Me: "Ah. Cool. Surprising, but cool. I'll have to notify you when I'm actually playing."

So we watched the show, with the two guys quizzing me on everything.

"What's with the dog routine? Is it always this low for audience? What's happening now?"

My reply was always: "Guys, it's the first night for this venue. I have no clue why the format is the way it is. We've never performed here before. I don't know."

So, in all, a decent startup, although for a 1:15 show, you DON'T need a twenty minute intermission. But that's something that'll be brought up at a later date...

* * *

The Edmonton Geek Society (or at least, Dev and I) will be taking a short hiatus while we actually decide to meet and determine the format of the blog, as well as everything else pertaining to that site.

My bad for opening it prematurely. We should have had a meeting to figure all this sort of stuff out beforehand, as opposed to us yelling at each other about formatting concerns and the like on the blog itself.

Also, Dev has exams. And I wish him the best of luck in those. And am expecting to come to the "exam end dance party" his class is trying to organize. (Is it this Friday? After our two concerts? And maybe Lee's birthday? Eurgh. So much stuff that day...)

* * *

Crappy Blogger Dictionary correction of the day: "Freakin'? What's freakin'? You meant FORESKIN, right?"


Quick plug

A new improv show, Pavlov Improv, will premiere Saturday evening.

I hope to be a part of it, and will be attending the workshop before the show.

Anyone wanting to see some old faces from the Survival days are welcome to show up at Jekyll and Hyde Pub on 10610 100 Ave at 11 pm. this Saturday.

Hopefully, it'll be a way for me to get back into improv, since I've been missing doing that for the past year and a bit.

An apology

Over the past few months, I've noticed one of my friends has been leaving comments under the initial "J."

Such as this one last month (in reply to my manager calling me Gay-go):


That is AWESOME~!

That is now how I will refer to you when talking to people who have not yet met you. I'll just put it offto some pronunciation mistake...

-J (on holiday!)"

To which I reply:

"In other news, Joanne is dead to me."

Or this one from about two weeks back:

"Holy crap. That yeti story, while hilarious, is pretty much the geekiest thing I have *ever* read, on any blog, ever in my lifetime. And I'm pretty much head geek/nerd where I work. =)

My compliments, Jago!! I am truly impressed...

So I've been attributing these quotes to Jo, my Vancouver friend who I know reads my journal.

When it's actually been Justice, who disappeared off the face of the earth two months ago!

So, Jo, I'm sorry I mistook Justice's posts for you. Although, in hindsight, they make a lot more sense coming from him. But this way, it's less funny.

Justice, I'm sorry I thought you were a girl.

* * *

Anyone know why I can't access my own blog from my computer? I can log in and edit fine, but I can't actually see the finished product.

When I click on my "favourites" link, it's automatically taking me back to blogger.com/home. If I type it in manually, same thing...

Any ideas?


I'm sure Dev's tired of rolling for horror now...

Canton, Marauder, Dev and I played some Hellboy RPG last night. It's based on the GURPS system, and Dev's setting it in a time before Hellboy's Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (the 1930s, to be exact).

Canton's playing a mechanical man who's pretty much a robot before robots were around. Marauder's playing a British fop who can potentially be the world's greatest magician. Dev's minding the game as well as playing a technophile insect. (Not incest, like I was typing in earlier.)

I am a yeti. Which was funny for the fact that Marauder had to roll a horror check against seeing me for the first time, and his character ended up flipping out of his chair.

So it was up to us to save Marauder's uncle from Nazis attacking his mansion.

Canton and I decided to create a diversion for the Nazis. I sneaked up behind two Nazis, swung my mighty club, and disabled (no, I mean DISABLED) both of them. The other two Nazis took one look at me, and their brains snapped by seeing an 8 foot monster. They fell to the ground, crying and holding each other.

Dev glares at me, and sends two other Nazis over with flashlights. Those ones have a worse reaction than the first two.

I'm laughing on the couch. Dev tells me "Yeah, I thought six Nazis might challenge you."

So he sends Nazi zombies out. Ones that can't be scared. Which give me a bit more of a challenge. But, let's face it: When I've got a strength of 30 (normal human is 10), and can cripple people with a simple swing of my club? And when I've got a monstrous appearance to boot?

Although my health's not the greatest, since I almost got killed by a combination of zombies, Nazi guns, and a big baddie that blew fire.

Still, Snorri's one of the more fun characters I'm playing.

* * *

When I was driving Marauder home yesterday, I found a great store on St. Albert Trail. I forget what is was called, but it (successfully?) combines two markets I really wouldn't think to include in the same building:

Used Cars. Alcohol.

Seriously, how is this allowed?

* * *

While Dev and I were watching some Arrested Development over the weekend, he told me that Portia di Rossi and Ellen Degeneres are currently an item.

At the store, we're currently playing Finding Nemo on the TVs, and I told Dustin this news by stating that Ellen's the luckiest person on earth.

Dustin: "Yeah, I only wish that she was bisexual instead of lesbian. Then I'd have a chance with her."

Me: "Meh. It doesn't matter whether she's heterosexual or homosexual, so long as she's into me. She'd have to be Jagosexual."

* * *

I picked up some comic books on Friday.

I picked up the last trade of the first Runaways series and wasn't disappointed. Brian K. Vaughan (Y the Last Man, Machina Ex) is one of my favourite comic book writers, and this wrapped up the first series well, with some great characterization and some big surprises.

The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman (Invincible), is a great zombie story, dealing with a man who wakes up from a coma to find himself in the middle of a world where there's mostly zombies. Some awesome stuff.

Finally, I picked up the last Bone trade. Man, I think I'll make that the first post of the EGS.


Odd Transformations 25: Velcro, I Will Miss You

My dream from a few days ago involved my old childhood friend, Paul Landry, and I having a conversation.

He mentioned that he was now the artistic director of a theatre. When I asked him which play would be next, he said "Guys and Dolls."

"I love Guys and Dolls! I'll audition for you right now!

"Hey guys," I yell to the people that just popped into my view, one of them including Cristian, one of my Mill Woods co-workers. "You can sing 'More I Cannot Wish You,' right?"

They mumble to themselves, and shake their heads. And I start singing my part to the old jazz arrangement we sang back in high school regardless.

* * *

Rajaton. What can I say? Easily the second best a cappella concert I've seen. Granted, I've seen three, and while Rockapella was good, it was Rockapella. Also, nothing makes me swoon a cappella-wise like jazz harmonies.

The best a cappella concert I've seen? The Real Group, 1995, Rocky Mountain Music Festival.

Astro was there, although at that point, we didn't know each other. One of Dev's grad school classmates, and one of my old high school friends, Jamie, apparently told him the same thing.

While I loved (loved) the Rajaton concert, I'm pretty immersed in a cappella at this point. Since I've met 'Ka and joined CASA, my a cappella knowledge grew in leaps and bounds.

But in 1995, when I went to a festival with my jazz choir and we saw the Real Group? That was magic. My first professional a cappella show.

Earlier in the day, we were watching the Campbell Classics (our Saskatchewan jazz choir nemeses) perform at a workshop, and they did this HORRIBLE Beatles arrangement. I was shuddering and grimacing to Kai about it.

When these five Swedes came on the stage, and started doing Count Basie? I was Blown. Away.

And when they went into the opening notes of the Beatles' Drive My Car, I had this huge shit-eating grin on my face. And told Kai, "THAT is how you arrange the Beatles!"

So I had fallen in love with the Real Group.

Rajaton is just as technically proficient as the Real Group. Beautiful arrangements, amazing blend, a great stage presence. They can mimic instruments well, as in their Lady Madonna (Yes, every jazz group is contractually obligated to perform at least one Beatles tune).

The set list was really well done. Except for a bad I Believe cover (Stevie Wonder) that, while it was done well, just really didn't do anything for me, because I'm such a jerk when it comes to arrangements.

I think one of my high points (cover-wise, because the non-covers, or at least, not obvious covers were amazing) was the Abba cover "Fernando." They took it so mock-serious during the verses, really putting forth the love letter to a revolutionary to such serious depths that it was hilarious.

The sound engineer they had was great, but it also made the concert seem TOO polished at times, like when the alto did an electric guitar solo by having the engineer crank up the distortion. It sounded cool, but I know it was all the sound guy.

So, it was a good thing I went for sure, because I totally enjoyed myself.

Astro, after the concert: So, Jago, what did you think?
Me (in a completely put-on blase tone): Eh. They're no KOW...
Astrogirl: Isn't that a good thing?
Me: Yes. Yes, it is.

* * *

I found my punchline that usually makes people laugh: "My mother was a saint!"

Other than the one person who seriously thought my mother was dead after I said that and started apologizing.

God damn this deadpan style of mine!

On second thought, no.

* * *
Reading: Finishing off Lost in a Good Book, by Jasper Fforde. So good, and completely different from The Eyre Affair, also so good.


Men Are From Mars, My Sister Is from a Mirror Image of Moose Jaw.

This week, I was directed to this site, which is Google's map section. Recently, they've put satellite maps for most cities in the database.

While Edmonton is mapped via satellite, unfortunately it doesn't go that far down.

Now MOOSE JAW, however...

Once I found this, I started looking around at hometown landmarks, trying to find my home (Note: The picture, if you were to see it on the actual site, is a LOT bigger...I'm not trying to kill myself looking for a ant-size house...), etc. And I decided to get my sister in the action.

After about ten minutes of looking, EJ finds the house. The problem was, according to her, that women don't see as spatially as men. So since we lived on the north side of town, and were always driving south to get anywhere, EJ thought the layout of Moose Jaw was flipped upside down.

Me: "You see the Sunningdale church? And McGranes' pool right above it?"
EJ: "Yeah."
Me: "We're across the street from there."
EJ: "Oh, god. That's my problem."
Me: "What?"
EJ: "I was looking on South Hill."
Me: "What??"

So we started playing "what part of town is this" with the satellite imagery for about an hour. I even tried to get Mom involved, but she couldn't navigate through the site, and it was late.

* * *

A message board I frequent is hosting one of the stupidest-slash-most-awesome arguments ever:

If there was an island filled with groups of robots, pirates, dinosaurs or ninjas, who would win?

To be quite honest, it only started getting great once people started trying to make ground rules as opposed to mocking the guy who asked the question. There's nothing funnier than seeing people scoff at one guy, only to be brought into the argument because their interest becomes piqued.

This is why I love moderate-sized message boards instead of huge places like, say, Suicide Girls or even one of my own old haunts, Newsarama. There's enough people to have a wide range of opinions, and still small enough to see like high school or something...

* * *

Canton, Dev and I are planning on starting a geek blog in the near future. I'm not sure what that would mean for this one. Because I really like this site, and I don't want it to turn into rants about work exclusively.

But we'll see when the time comes around for the new one...


My excuse for not updating is having the weakest willpower in the world...

Before I start, I'd like to address my screenname (for those of you on my MSN list) before I have to explain this over and over.

Today, I came out of my closing shift at work, patting my pockets for my keys.

Not in my pants. Not in my jacket. Well, crap. This is bad.

I retrace my steps from when I arrived at work. I look in my driver's side window. Nope. No keys in there.

"After I closed the door, I...went into the trunk for a book?"

My keys had been sitting in my trunk keyhole for a good eight hours. Thank god I work in Capilano, mall to seniors. If I had pulled that kind of boneheaded move at Kingsway, or Mill Woods? Goodbye car.

At least nobody noticed enough to steal my ride, I thought. I got into my car, about to drive off. And noticed the note someone attached to my windshield: "Keys in trunk."

* * *

My boss and I have been having a war of music recently.

I burned an MP3 disc that would last the store for an entire shift. Of course, it's all music from my hard drive, and, while it's all clean, it's not Mark's type of music.

He, you see, is the biggest Aqua fan you'll ever meet. Aqua, you see, is one of my "most annoying bands."

So we'd play "Duck Season, Rabbit Season." What I mean by this is you'd hear about three songs off of my disc, and then it would go to his sixty-minute music mix. Which I'd have to hear again and again. And again.

As I told Dustin, our third, I wouldn't MIND playing Duck Season, Rabbit Season, as long as I weren't always playing the Daffy Duck role. "Because you KNOW that at some point, my bill will be on the other side of my face, and I'll have to straighten it out."

I realized how young Dustin was when he started yelling "Dustin Season" every time he threw in HIS mix.

* * *

This weekend will be harsh. Because, since the lawsuit that was filed against RadioShack Canada/Circuit City by RadioShack USA, we're going to have to do a mini-inventory to see what products still have the RS logo on them.

Since my boss and third are part of the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, they've got a show on Saturday. Sunday, of course, is Wrestlemania, and I asked for that day off.

I won't be able to get it off, and since we don't want to do inventory during the evening, we have to do it in the morning. So I'll be at the store for 7 am. Which, due to DST, is actually 6 am. Luckily, I get off in time to see the wrassle-fightin'.

I'll be one tired puppy.

* * *

World of Warcraft isn't ruining my life. But it's sure not helping it, either. But it's SO FUN!

My biggest quest yet was one where I had to go across a continent to scuba dive for a pendant that gives my character a kick-ass sea lion form. It was the coolest quest. If only I wasn't saddled with what seemed to be a 14-year-old to do it.

But I'm now able to swim without breathing, which is pretty sweet-ass.

* * *

In any case, I should head, since the boys and I are going out for some steak at the Outback. Nummy!