Not dead. Just dead TIRED!

And sick. Can't forget about the sick.

No, the journal has not been shut down by the company. It's just been a crazy assed two months.

Once the new year comes around, you'll see me post frequently again. You know, since I've been transferred again. To a slower store, which doesn't make me so tired after work that all I want to do is shut down.

Oh, I had laryngitis. Still do, to an extent. I have no singing voice.

But right now, it's time to sleep and ingest a lot of juice.



Placeholder post. It's concert season.

So, what are you doing this Christmas season? Shopping for gifts? Decorating the house? Shovelling the walk? Why not take a breather during this busy season and join Edmonton a cappella group Apocalypse Kow as they host their Fourth Annual Kristmas Kabaret?

Since 2001, Apocalypse Kow has hosted Christmas charity shows to raise money for different causes around town. This year, they’ll be donating proceeds of their Kabaret to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and will be taking donations for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Every year, we try to get different sorts of acts to help us out, and this concert is no exception. The list of guests include:

TAPAS – A new a cappella group on the Edmonton scene, they captured third place at Northern Harmony 2005, Alberta’s “battle of the vocal groups.”

Father David Bittner, storyteller – Father Dave has participated in every Kabaret, reciting Christmas favourites.

Pavlov Improv – Members of the fledgling improv troupe will be on hand with some sketches for the holiday season.

Singer Jenny McKillop – Jenny, a graduate from Grant McEwan College’s Musical Theatre program, has performed in many venues around the city, and is a frequent participant in the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

Paul Wallace – Paul’s had his hand in many different parts of Edmonton’s arts scene: He’s an improviser, a juggler, a yo-yo artist, and co-founder of local comedy troupe The Wombats. We can only imagine what he’s thought up for this Kabaret.

With this pedigree of guests, the members of Apocalypse Kow are looking forward to one great show. The hosts have been popping up everywhere in town over the past few years, but most people know them from Northern Harmony performances and outdoor shows for the past three Fringe Festivals.

The Apocalypse Kow Kristmas Kabaret is happening on Saturday, December 17th at B-Scene Studios (8212 104 St). Doors open at 7:15 pm, and the show starts at 7:30 pm.

Tickets cost $11 ($10 with the donation of a food item for the Edmonton Food Bank).

For more information or advance tickets, call Kyle or Stan at (780) 439.5799 or e-mail the group at kow@telus.net.