Getting My Name Back

Menthol Jihad Diary

[August 7th] Bought up all the Kleenex with Menthol in the area. Started mailing campaign and leaving tissues in mailboxes.

[August 15th] Bought stock in Kimberly-Clark. The company's going to go through the ROOF!

[August 17th] Threw out mattress. Now sleeping in the corner of my room in a bunch of menthol tissues.

[October 23rd] FINALLY got out of jail. Who knew that forcing people on Whyte Avenue to blow their noses was an indictable offense?

* * *

My younger brother Braden came up for the weekend. Had a fun time with him, although we didn't spend too much time together. He came for the wrestling house show that happened this weekend.

(Rumour of the week: According to Marauder, the house show was a gauge for the WWE to see if it's viable for Edmonton to host a Pay Per View next year. It'd be a DREAM to get front row seats to that. Especially if it involved one of the bigger shows like Royal Rumble or Survivor Series. That'd be SO cool if it were to happen...)

Also, he brought up a powered mixer for Kow to rehearse on. So far, we've had one practice with mics, and it's going pretty well... Granted, anything's better than the less-than-brilliant performance we had at last year's Northen Harmony. That's what we get for not having any prior mic time. Talk about being out of our element...

* * *

In negative work news, Real, one of my least-favourite RadioShack employees, has been transferred to Kingsway to manage the Rogers store. Considering that a plus to transferring from Bonnie Doon was that I was getting away from him, I'm not that happy. Besides, the guy's already run ONE store into the ground (KGM's Battery Plus), so let's put him in a bigger store! Great...

In the "good news" section, Kiel's been promoted to managing his own store in Red Deer. I wish him the best, and also will welcome our new assistant manager with open arms. Hell, anything's better than being pushed into the role myself. Again. For the fourth time.

Since Kiel's leaving, I no longer have to use my last name. This will bring Independant Jago back into the world he belongs. Because I felt it kind of wrong to use a name that my friends use for me as a work name, where I want as little of my personal life being known to customers.

Also, the new hires look to be working out fine. Smart kids. They're catching on quickly. And the new girl, Sam, is cute!

That'll make my life easier. New AM, good young recruits. Whatever gets me out of more stress is good..,

Now if only I can get a job that pays a hell of a lot more. On Friday, I phoned up Convergys to leave a message to theiir Human Resources department. It could have gone a little better:

"Hi, my name's Kyle Jago, and my phone number is 909...Wait. Hold on. That's not my number. (Sigh.) Okay, sorry about this. My number's 909... No, that's not it. It's, ummmm.... I'm terribly sorry about this. It's 90-NO! 989! 4099! There! And I'm calling about, ummmm...APPLYING! (Yeah, that's the word) for a position."

If I had been any worse, I'd have banged my head with the phone a few times while Convergys's machine was still recording.

"Hey. I'm bleeding! Look at that! I'm bleeding because I decided to bang my head with the freaking phone! Well, doesn't that beat all? That's just FUC- Um, I'm still on the line aren't I? Just remember, Kyle Jago at 909- GODDAMMIT! (BEEP!)"

I was a little surprised when they called me back about a half-hour later. Of course, they're looking for people NOW, instead of next month. But so now I'm in the September potential pool. Here's hoping. I can really use the extra $400 a month...

* * *

I can really do without the irritated eyes. I get it already! While nothing like last week happened, it's just looking like I'm always sleepy since my eyes are half-closed and puffy.

And, I know, some of you might think that's how I always am. But now, I'm not enjoying the sleepy look...

Listening to: The Unforgettable Fire by U2.

Just finished reading: The first two Swamp Thing compilations by Alan Moore; the second Fables arc.

Plowing through: The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan

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