Questions and answers.

Now's the time where I, Jago, open up the mailbox to answer the letters that, YOU (the reading public) has asked:

Hey, Jago! What's been happening in your life recently?

Well, today, I spent a great afternoon with girlone when we went to see Boygroove (finally!). Great performances by Matt and Andrew Bursey. Such a funny play.

Yesterday, I went to a Survivor Improv meeting at our new space. After some business, we played some freeform improv games. And found out that, boy! Are we rusty! Whoa!

Despite that, we had a gem of a sketch where I played this guy who was being completely overcharged for everything he bought. Fun stuff. But still, a rusty night. Can't wait to the improv workshops to start up...

Did you get that Journal job you applied for?

No word as of yet. I'm hoping it will come to an interview at some point.

But I did win a membership to a health club for two! I still have to call about that...

What exactly IS The Story of My Magnetic Nametag, The Store's Back Room, and Undressing to Find It?

On my first day back to work this week, I found out that we had some new magnetic nametags. These would stop us from poking holes in our dress shirts (a problem I managed to avoid about a year into my tenure at RadioShack when I got a chain to put my nametag onto.).

I go into the back room and take the magnetic back between my index and pointer fingers and go between me and my shirt.

Of course, the back drops down into my pants. I shrug, and undo my belt to fish the magnet out of my pants.

Of course, this is where Jeff comes into the room, with my pants at my thighs.

I look at him, and simply say, "My nametag...dropped...into my pants. So I had to...you know, take them off."

He just says, "Sure, Jago. Sure." And laughs.

End of story. The title was a bit longer than the story turned out to be. Sorry.

Hey, Jago! What's up? What happened to your journal? Are you okay?

Sigh. Justice, you of all people should know well enough to bookmark my MAIN page, not one of my diary pages. You've linked to a past page, and so don't get my updates past that point.

Granted, how do I know that you're here, and not at that page? I emailed you about this!

Why don't you call home? You're not a hermit.

Mom! We just SAW each other on Sunday! You know all the things that have happened recently!

Are we REALLY letters that have been sent to you? Or is this just a literary device?

You got me. I'm making these questions up, other than Justice's and my mom's frequent requests that I keep in touch.

I got it from Dave Eggers and the book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, which I am reading again after getting it back from girlone.

And, hey, it works. Shut up.

So why are you keeping on with the questions, then?

If you weren't some voice in my head, you'd be dead by now.

Since we've been reading so much of your Fringe adventures, were there any plays you missed?

Many. Didn't see The Tunnels of Little Chicago, didn't see Glengarry Glen Ross, or Gallows Humour, Paranormal, or The Test. Still, I saw some good stuff, and made some new friends while I was at it. And I didn't see much Hoja. Although I did call them out.

You heard me, Hoja! Bring on the noise! Bring on the funk!

Where are you in Zelda these days

Wind Temple. Just got the Hookshot. Kickass!

Where are you in Extreme Warfare Revenge 4.0 these days?

Just started. I'm thinking I'll go with the Heartland Valley Wrestling promotion again, even though I'm SO not finished with 3.0's game just yet.

Maybe I should be another organization, just to be different.

Why do some people in your journal have nicknames, and some don't? What's your criteria?

Well, I started out with using straight names for my journal, until my friend Sarah asked me to not refer to her by her last name, like I did.

"So, what do you want to be called?"

"Anything. Just don't use my full name."

At which point, girlone asked if I could be discreet with her identity as well. I came up with girlone as a joke, commenting on the fact that everyone in my diary has to be anonymous.

Some, I get from screen names my friends put on Messenger (D!, Marauder). Some have evolved from jokes (MFJ), some I've actually been inspired with (Kit, Caboodle). Sometimes I'm just plain tired and give them stupid names (Canton). And some have such good names, I just use their actual names (Justice, Dev, Gary Coleman).

So, while not everyone has a nickname, not everyone needs one. And it works for me.

Besides, it's not like I have many readers from outside my friendbase anyways. Most everyone who reads this knows who I'm talking about. And I'll usually be open enough to describe background for anyone who cares.

Why does this journal exist, anyways?

To write, mainly. So I can keep in shape mentally.

Also, it's a very good way to vent. If I need to write, I'll write. If I'm close to my computer and I feel the urge, there it is.

And I'm an attention whore. Nothing says "Look at me! Aren't I special?" like an online journal.

As a side note, I seem to have inspired some other people to write just by showing them this site. girlone, Nova, Marauder: They've all said, "That's cool. How can I get one?" And now they all have journals...

So...Anything else?

Notihng I can really think of. I'm kicking myself for not recording the dream I have this morning. When I woke up at the GLORIOUS hour of 11:30, I was going to write about it. But I had to get ready for the afternoon with girlone.

I'm pissed off that some of my favourite online comic journals haven't been updating for weeks. Hey, buckos! You're drawing for MY benefit! Get to it!!!

Otherwise? Business as usual. If anything of note happens, I'm sure you all will hear about it eventually.

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