Going back to work, my cousin's wedding, and self-seclusion due to video games...

Another day of leaving the store at 10:30 pm. Why the hell am I still at this company?

Tomorrow, I hand in my resumes to the Journal, for those copy editing and reporting positions. Sure, they're only one year internships, but it would be fun to go for such a drastic change.

Going into my field of study. Who would've thought???

* * *

Ever have those times where you come back from a week of vacation, and wish you have a month to recover from that week?

The store yesterday was completely CRAZY! I ended up selling a DVD home burner and a laptop, both on the RadioShack cards, and got a 5 year warranty on the laptop. Final total for me? $2600, and $40 in SPIFFS (selling bonuses). The store demolished the daily sales goal, raking in $11,000 ($6666 more than last year). Yeah, the store was a bit busy...

Coworkers were complimenting my new haircut (I got it cut right before Fringe, with a six-month interval since my last cut. I was very shaggy beforehand...) and those that went to the Fringe complimented my Kow performance... My stockperson's husband, who had been busking at the Fringe, asked me "So, what are you doing working here? You guys could really work the Fringe circuit."

He thinks we could take off four months, and go from one side of the country to the other at theatre festivals across Canada. It'd be fun, but I'm not sure if we think we're able. Besides, it's hard to get that much time off work, especially for guys like Astro and Canton. Still, fun idea.

Maybe, if you (my reading audience) ARE good (How the hell does one conjugate that sentence? EDIT: Kit and I spent HOURS (well, minutes spanning hours) debating this...So this sentence SHOULD now be grammatically correct...), I'll tell you The Story of My Magnetic Nametag, The Store's Back Room, and Undressing to Find It some day where I don't have to worry about going to bed to get to work early tomorrow, as well as also dropping off my application, and doing the store's deposit.

* * *

Dev and MFJ go to Vancouver tomorrow for REM, Wilco and Radiohead. And I feel envious yet again. Why can't I go on trips? Sigh.

Well, the next big trip I've got coming is my cousin's November wedding in Jasper. And, of course, I have the option to bring a date.

Right now, it's not an issue, since Braden and I are both bachelors. (EJ, is bringing her boyfriend, Kyle.) But there's two months before it happens. Who knows what could happen in the time frame?

All I know is that it would be logistically awkward to bring one of my female friends along. Despite the obvious questions about our relationship ("No, so-and-so and I are just friends..."), there's the whole, "Hey, so-and-so! Wanna come to Jasper for my cousin's wedding? No strings attached!" question.

Sure, I could bring a friend no problems if they held the wedding in town here, but the thought of a hotel room in Jasper's a pretty big commitment in my POV. Would they sleep with EJ? Would we get our own room?

Mom's completely at ease with my sharing a bed with someone. (Well, not at ease...She'd cope, I guess... "What can I do? You're 26.") But she just wants me to do things the normal way. (So, having a child out of wedlock? Not so good...) But it's been one of my big hang-ups, thinking of my family having any knowledge of my sex life (or, in my case, lack thereof...).

Eh, well, MFJ said she'd go, if I needed to bring someone. Wouldn't THAT start rumours flying, both in my family and in my friendbase?

* * *

I'm not sure what will be my obsession for the next little bit: Zelda on the GameCube, or Extreme Warfare 4.0, the newest wrestling business simulator on my computer.

If you see me not answering my phone or mail for a while, you'll have a clue as to why I've gone into seclusion...

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