Tradition is Good

For the second year in a row, we went to the house of DeCoSta for a New Year's Brunch.

Last year, Canton, Dev, Barber and I cooked a smorgasbord of sausage, bacon, Eggs Benedict, and hash browns. Our brunch didn't start until 6 pm, due to all the cooking we had done, but it was quite the feast.

We decided to keep on with the idea this year, adding Axler and Marauder to the mix. Unfortunately, Barber had other plans this year, but it turned into yet another good meal.

A bit healthier this time, with less meat and more fruit. But the Eggs Benedict, bacon, and hash browns were still made.

Canton and I had so much fun cooking, mostly because Canton doesn't usually do this much cooking on such a scale. It's a novelty.

So we resolved to keep the DeCoSta New Year's Brunch going for as long as we could...


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