A Rant Unlike Any Other...

So, I'm not liking the store transfer (big surprise...).

Ever since I moved back to Bonnie Doon, I've just been regretting every minute of it.

The store's a mess. Fixtures are falling apart. Stock is not where it should be. The store's reeling from a former worker who decided to steal money and product. Staff are quitting like there's no tomorrow. The store is horribly understaffed.

I don't like Justina, the third in command.

The first time I talked to her was last Sunday, when I called the store at 11 am to see when I worked.


Me: "Um, is this RadioShack Bonnie Doon?"

Her: "Yeah, but if you want to ask any questions, I'm not answering them. The store's not open."

Me: "This is Kyle, your new assistant manager? Yeah, I was just calling so I knew when I worked on Tuesday. So, if you wouldn't mind checking the schedule for me."

So, yeah. Bad first impression.

My first day at the store, I had a customer call me up for complain about Justina. Apparently, she had muttered "bitch" under her breath in front of the customer.

On Friday, she came in late. And told me she wouldn't be in to open the store on Saturday because "I'm not a morning person."

I wasn't asking her to be a morning person, I was asking her to work the schedule she was assigned.

So she showed up three hours after the store had opened. I was alone for the morning, on a Saturday. You know, when most people come into malls to shop at my store.

Today, she didn't even show up. Or call to explain her absence. So I was alone in the store for six hours. Couldn't go in the back. Couldn't get a drink. Couldn't get change. Nothing.

Needless to say, I'm not impressed with her attitude.

When I try to call my boss, Tom, there's no answer on his cell phone, the way I can actually interact with him, if he's away. I haven't heard from him since Tuesday.

I'm feeling like I'm the only one on a ship, trying to navigate it while being distracted by rocks and weather and birds.

There's no support system for me right now. My co-workers are unreliable. My boss is incommunicado.

Why did I decided to take this promotion again? Oh, right. More money. Money I won't see for another three weeks.

I want to go back to Kingsway.

* * *

When talking to my parents tonight, I found out that my sister won $2,000 in the lottery. From a Super 7 ticket she recieved in her stocking.

Good for her! She's getting a payment for her tuition!

Still, I can't help but think that my stocking was one place away from hers. And I got one measly number out of 21.

That could be a whole lotta credit payments. Or a few great roast dinners.

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