Odd Transformations 8

My dream today MUST have been from my brain downloading the events of this weekend, since it smacks enough of Old School (which I saw on the bus) to make me think it was caused by the bus ride home.

I remember that I was moving into a house, and it must have been really close to this downtownish area of some place, probably not Edmonton. It could have been sort of Whiteish, I guess, but it more reminded me of, say, Moose Jaw's industrial core, with higher buildings.

For some reason, I seemed to have an apartment at the start, but as the dream progressed, I was taking up more and more of the house.

The first part's a little fuzzy (I'm showing my place around to some girl), but I remember the house party that was thrown in my honour, and how people who weren't even involved in my life were showing up, like the guy who lived in a basket on a telephone pole outside.

I started realizing the party was getting out of hand when two punks came down the stairs with my computer in their hands.

I freaked out, saying, "This isn't for you to take! Who the hell takes a computer home from a party?"

I try doing damage control, throwing every party member out of my place.

I woke up at the point where my house was empty, and I started walking a girl home afterwards.

Nothing too huge or weird, but odd enough that I rememberd most of it...

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