Hanging out with the Dokken side...

Conversation tidbit highlight:

I was talking with my high school friend Penny, and I was talking about the plus-degree weather I was experiencing. I started going goofy and talking about how weather works.

Me: When the temperature hits the zero mark...

Penny: Yeah, um, who won the science award back in Grade 12?

Me: Dunno. I was too busy making out with my drama, accounting, and math awards. Actually, replace "making out" with "polishing..."

Penny: (laughs) There's a difference?

Me: Polishing my awards...with my TONGUE!

Yup. I come up with some wild tangents sometimes...

* * *

So before Christmas, I made a list of things I wanted for gifts, since my mom was insisting I was hard to buy for. It's about 1/3rd down the page here (Nov. 28)

I was opening presents today. I got to my Uncle Clayton's gift.

Unwrap the gift. "Cool! The Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits and X-Men 2 DVD." Granted, the movie was fullscreen (one of my pet peeves: For the love of God, if you're going to transcribe a movie, do NOT pan and scan! You miss SO much!)

My brother murmurs, "Uh, oh."

A few gifts later, I get to my cousin Ian's gift.

Unwrap. "Cool! The Red Hot Chili...Well, hey, it's the CD/DVD combo! It's got their greatest videos as well! And, hey! X-Men 2! Fullscreen edition...Thanks, Ian!"

A few gifts later, I get to my brother's gift.

"Hey! X-Men 2! And it's Widescreen!"

Mom apologises, but she says all of the other movies I asked for were pretty obscure.

Tenacious D? Any Coen Bros. movie that's not "Oh, Brother" or "Lebowski?" Ric Flair's disc? Fiddler on the Roof?

Okay, then. So there are some things I need to exchange...

My sister, my cousin and my uncle all received DVD players. I asked for, and got, a VCR.

As I explained, I've had a DVD player for the past three years. In fact, for two years, I've had two players. But I've never had a VCR, so I was never able to play recordings of taped programs. Now, I do.

Also, today, my cousin's boyfriend proposed to her. So, that was cool.

In disheartening news, I found out that my Uncle Cliff and cousin Tara both had better digital cameras than me. 5 MP? 512 meg memory cards? Grrr! Only *I* may have kickass photography stuff!

Dad enjoyed his Led Zeppelin DVD I gave him. Mom loved her watch. Brade liked his shirts, even though one of them was too big. EJ liked her lava lamp. So i was good for gauging gifts this year. Yay me!

Am working at 11 tomorrow, so must be heading to bed soon.

Hope everyone had some decent times with their loved ones like I did.

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