Odd Transformations 9

I went back to Moose Jaw to visit my parents in my latest dream.

I got a call from Kingston to go see an indy wrestling show that night, and I thought "Great! Let's do it!"

Heath also came in and was looking to go for some dinner, another idea I thought would be good.

For some reason, I was taking up too much time, and realized I couldn't go to the wrestling show AND dinner, since there was about 15 minutes before the show started.

I ended up missing both events, while Kingston and Heath went for dinner without me. This, of course, was bad news, since one of my biggest pet peeves is being ditched.

After Heath came back, we found that all the North of Moose Jaw was up in flame. Then, in my dream, I realized that Moose Jaw was part of Edmonton, because north of Moose Jaw was St. Albert, where the fire was really hitting.

Heath and I were torn, since we really wanted to help out combat the blaze.

It was about that point where I woke up.

* * *

The pyjama-as-long-john experiment is working out magnificently! No frozen legs for me while going out! Ha ha!

Super genius!

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