Could it be? L-U-V?

My heart is fluttering with anticipation. I gaze in admiration to the beauty that has entered my house. I caress her supple curves and say that everything will be all right.

But I'm going to take it slow after tonight.

I think it will be better in the long run if I keep it that way.

It only has a one year warranty, after all...


Got myself a sweet deal on an HP Deskjet 940c. Thanks to my store's Discontinued sale (25% for customers, 40%(!) off for employees), I got it for $55. Almost brand-spankin' new! With extra ink thrown in, just in case!

And, because I could afford it, I bought myself a Game Boy Advance for $60. Gotta love those store deals...

So now I can actually print out stuff, instead of worrying about sending it out to a printing place, or trying to see if Canton's comp and actually print out the things I make. (I tend to work exclusively in pagination and photo-editing software. Quark XPress, Photoshop, etc...)

Ha ha ha haaaaa... I haven't felt this happy in a while!

(Which begs the question? Am I that much of a tech freak? Was I this way prior to working at RadioShack? And should a new-to-me printer really stir such feelings, EVEN if it has PostScript capability?)

* * *

I'm starting to get replies back from last column. Thanks to all who have taken the time out to tell me that they read my stuff. Too bad I already knew about them...

And, no, I can understand some basic things about my audience.

Yes, Red. I know that I write in a not-so-serious tone, which does make for people finding my rants pretty funny.

And, apparently, a flipping-out Jago is inherently funny, according to Dev.

Still, I'm not retracting the "sickos" label...Just like I'm not retracting my thought that I am a whore.

Some things are just that simple...

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