My Secret Curse...

Spent an enjoyable evening at the movies with Girlone, Kristus, Sarah and Senor Burns. Saw Love Actually, a pretty good movie with some way excellent parts. Hit the heart a few times, it did.

After the movie, when Senor Burns and I hit the washroom, he found out one of the quirks of being Jago. Something that I don't understand why it happens, but it's a curse I've gotta live with.

Hand dryers do not work for me.

I know, it's a matter of saying they're an inconvenience. No. It's not that I can take them or leave them, it's that they don't. work. for me.

I am a ghost when it comes to hand dryers. They do not acknowledge my existance. To them, I am a ghost.

Senor Burns watched with interest, as I went from one dryer to another, trying to get some hot air, explaining the curse to him.

After five minutes, I went to the paper dispenser. And found it empty. And so I tried to dry them under the blowers, to no avail.

Sigh. Why must I not get along with the hand dryers? I get along with most electronics, but this one perplexes me...

A mystery for the ages, I guess.

* * *

This weekend, I go down to Banff for my cousin's wedding. Sister of November's groom in Jasper. So I made sure to get time off once again.

This time, I'm going stag. No friend to keep me company. Looks like it'll be Brade and I, solo brothers, fending off the millions (and millions!)... and. millions. of ladies achin' for the Jago experience.

The things I do for my family.

Also, I'll be able to hang out with Anna, Faith, Stevie (the Scorpio friends from Fringe) in Calgary. I gets ta see a show, since they're all a part of a mounting of The Glass Menagerie this week. Whoo! Yay, friends in different cities!

* * *

Get used to less frequent posting, since my computer's acting up again.

Stupid computer! Why must you shut down on me? Why is your "sleep" mode more like hibernation, since I can't turn you on without unplugging you from the wall first? WHY?!? WHY???

Must be going to bed. Stupid New Age work training tomorrow...

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