Warm in here...

A few things have happened in the past week.

First of all, Justina quit. Without notice.

Good. I am happy.

An inventory happened, and while it wasn't good, it wasn't bad either. A horrible percentage of wrong counts (16%), but there was a lot of stuff that WASN'T in inventory.

What kind of jackasses did Tom have working for him since November? Hopefully, that ends now.

* * *

I recieved an email from Justice today.

Okay, let's see here. Jago has a choice between an Edmonton PPV with **CHRIS BENOIT*** headlining in April...

...or going to choir tour.

Last I checked:

Number of choir tours Jago has gone on: 15,000

Number of Edmonton-based WWE PPVs Jago has attended: 0

Number of Edmonton-based WWE PPVs that have ever existed: 0

Chance of there being an Edmonton based WWE PPV next year: 1%

Chance of there being a choir tour next year: 100%

I don't want to have to come to your house and beat you unconscious to go with you to the PPV. Just remember that.


I laughed. Because I realized that I have the chance to both eat my cake AND roll around in it naked.

Yup. Backlash is the weekend BEFORE tour. I am SO getting tickets. Now I just need to decide who to go with...

* * *

I realized today how well my pyjama bottoms work as long johns when going out in -40 degree weather.

I was at home, with the book club I'm a part of cancelled due to the cold (Good. I'm on page 37 of the book.).

I called up D! and asked what was up, with Monday being our ritual RAW night.

"Are you sure you want to come down?" he asked.

"Sure," I decided. "Why not?"

I put on a t-shirt, sweater, pyjama bottoms, jeans, boots, my dual-lined coat, toque, scarf, and gloves. And then went outside to brave the cold.

Man, I was warm out there. Cozy enough to sleep outside, if necessary. So warm, only my eyes were not covered. And my glasses were fogged up by my breathing through a few layers.

So I slipped. A few times. It's excuseable, since I had no vision...

Still, gotta remember to bundle up if necessary.

* * *

FINALLY saw Otto shovelling the walk. First time I saw him in the building since before Christmas.

I am SO relieved that Otto is still in charge of the building, and not Scary Painter Guy. Whoever the hell he was. Jeez.

* * *

Shout out to Dev, who's doing his Grad School app this week.

I hope you get at least a 4, Dev. I'd kick your ass if you went mental and wrote a 1.

Just a friendly warning.

* * *

Link of the week: Who knew that Charlie Brown was mad about hiphop?

Reading: The Red Tent, after finishing the Left Behind series.

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