Everybody's Wed-ding for the Weekend...

Just got back from my cousin Kendra's wedding in Banff/Canmore. A list of thoughts from my trip down south:

Entered Calgary on Friday afternoon, and was fortunate enough to see the Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, at a playhouse there.

The reason I went to the play is because a few of the Scorpio crew (the Calgary friends I made at Fringe. Check a few pages back...) were involved.

Almost was for naught, as the tickets were sold out. Luckily, Steve was closing the doors, saw me, and let me in.

Faith did a good job directing, and the performances were very well done.

Was able to hang out with A-Lo and a whole bunch of people at a downtown pub afterwards. Much fun was had by me, including taking my first alcoholic shot. It was one of the actor's birthdays, so A-Lo picked up the tab for a round of some greenish fruity cough medicine drink.

I'll stick to beer and wine, thanks.

* * *

The wedding itself was a fun one. VERY Pentecostal, with its worship time beforehand, a very down-to-earth minister from Ben's bible college, and general holiness.

Reminds me of my time at the Hillcrest. Something I should do is find a church here in Edmonton to attend.

After the ceremonies, my aunt had to ask the Jago family en masse, "Why was it funny when the pastor said Ben was reading Song of Solomon?"

(Answer: It's the Bible's love poem chapter. About the love between a man and a woman, not about a man and his god. So a whole bunch of quote-unqoute erotica, at least in fundamentalist terms. A cool chapter to read, regardless...)

* * *

I've usually got a rule about family weddings: I don't usually dance. Mostly because I'm kind of standoffish around my family. Dancing's something I do around my friends, not my brother and sister. Just like swearing and flirting.

So I was doing a pretty good job of it until about ten minutes before we left. Not dancing, that is. Abstaining.

But then the opening beat to Andre 3000's Hey Ya came on. And if there's one song I can't help but dance to, it's that one. It was a shock for my family, who's never seen me dance before, to see me go on the floor at that point.

Damn Outkast. Love them so much...

* * *

On my way back from Calgary via the Greyhound, I was happy to see the effects of an ice storm on Highway 2 from Calgary to Red Deer.

Now, as much as I hate ice and how it makes for bad driving and walking, I love the effect that a tree entrusted in snow and ice makes.

There's just something about a white glass tree for miles that makes me happy. And also sad that my camera doesn't work through bus glass so well.

So yeah. In all, a pretty fun weekend. And the next wedding's in over a month. In Victoria. Gotta remember to book that time off. And get fitted for my groomsman's tux.

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