Let's try this again.

I just read on the Sun's Wrestling site that the WWE is bringing Backlash, April's pay per view to Skyreach Centre (sigh) Rexall Place.


Now, my thoughts on this:

First, it's going to be a Raw brand PPV. This means that:

* Barring any moving, Chris Jericho will be there!

* Trish Stratus will also be attending

* Most likely, Triple H will still be World Champion (although I'm hoping this isn't the case...)

Also, the way they schedule pay per views, this one should be on April 25, 2004.

Ut! That's during choir tour! They can't DO this to me!

Now the thing is, I might be missing this year's tour regardless, since I'm going to need to take vacation days off to go to Ryan's wedding in March.

On the other hand, this year, the choir's going through Moose Jaw again...

So I'm wondering: Do I go on choir tour somehow (probably via a leave of absence from work) and get to go through Moose Jaw?

Or do I NOT go on my last year of choir's tour, something MFJ has pretty much said she'll kidnap me for, if necessary. And get to see a (probably lame, but just the EXPERIENCE of being there) wrestling pay per view to see an honest-of-god title shot again! And maybe make my way down to Moose Jaw to sing in that show regardless...

Let's put it this way:

I have seen, since I became a wrestling fan again, almost every single appearance the fed has made to Edmonton since 1998.

The first house show I ever went to was in 1995 or so in Regina, with my friend Perry and his dad and brother. Meh. I wasn't really into wrestling at that point.

The first Edmonton house show I was at (at the then-Northlands Coliseum), I was in the third balcony, and my highlight was being probably the ONLY one in the crowd cheering for the mega-heel-bad-guy, The Rock.

The second one, I don't remember much of. I was a bit closer to the action, I guess. I brought my camera with the ultra long lens, so I could see the action very up close. Some decent pics from that show.

Then came Smackdown, my first television taping. Austin was the champ at this point, and Jericho and Benoit (both Alberta residents) were challenging him up and down Canada for the title. An awesome main event that the crowd was SO hot for, Benoit ended up losing the match to Austin. Upper seats, so we could actually see the action pretty well. Behind the main camera, so we weren't on TV.

D! and I made some pretty kickass signs for that onwe, mind you.

The last one I attended was a Raw from last year, just after the brand split. I was disappointed that Jericho was on the other roster at that point, but enough plot was forwarded on that show, that it wasn't a big concern.

I had managed to get fourth row seats from Justice, but away from everyone else I knew in attendance. The cameras picked up the guy in the Jericho shirt every now and then, so I can freeze frame a point in the show and say, "Okay, now see under Undertaker's arm in this frame? The guy in the shiny shirt? That's me! Next frame, well, that's not me..."

It was also noteworthy for an Eddie Guerrero/Rob Van Dam Intercontinental title LADDER match! Whooooo!

The last time they came through here, I didn't attend. It was a Smackdown house show in August, and I thought, "Once I've been to a TV taping, I can't go back to the house shows."

Apparently, it was a test for Vince McMahon to see whether or not Edmonton could support a Pay Per View.

And, also apparently, we passed.

So, it's decision time for me. Good thing I have about three months to decide...

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