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So 2003 was a year, mostly like any other, but filled with some interesting developments.

- I lost my last surviving grandparent this year. Grandpa Jago died of surgery complications back in March. It was pretty unnerving, to say the least, to see him get his cancer removed, and for Brade and I to see him in the hospital, a weaker version of himself, but yet still the same old Grandpa. It was a shock to learn that he passed away a mere two days.

- The first family member of my generation got married. Colin set a trend that I know will just make my mom's grandmother urges kick in. And me not even leaving the starting gates. Because in my opinion, to have a child, I first need to get married. And in order to get married, I should at least find someone who I could spend the rest of my life with.

- I moved out on my own for the first time ever. Yup. First time that Jago hasn't either lived with roommates or lived in residence. And somehow, I've lost weight because of it. (Well, I know exactly why I've lost weight. Less and less impetus to eat heartily when I get home at 10:30 pm from work shifts.) Granted, I think I'll try to find roommates for this upcoming year. Really keeps the expenses down...

- Participated in the Fringe this year, with Apocalypse Kow. Man, this is the year that we've started working on mics, so our sound has become quite a bit better. Because now we can hear our mistakes and actively try to fix them. And now my bass can be heard. But, yeah, this has become our breakout year in some respects. Constant rehearsals. Big concerts. Things to work toward. Money in the bank account. Looking forward to Kow's future...

- I started this diary. Which is a step in the right direction for me to get back into the whole writing thing. Dev was saying yesterday that I should start volunteering for some small community papers. Which is a good idea. But since story generation is my least apt skill, it's intimidating to think about it.

Otherwise, not much has really changed. I'm still at RadioShack. I'm still getting sales awards. I'm still as sarcastic as ever. I'm still pretty complacent.

Well, let'sa see what 2004 brings for me. And what I bring to 2004.

* * *

Had a fun time at the Party House New Year's last night. Was able to talk well with Liz, who I rarely talk to much these days, and Red, who I rarely SEE these days, with her not in choir and busy with work and school and life.

In fact, Red and I must have talked for about two and a half hours, starting with my discovery of the new LEGO board game(!) and Constructionary.

It then veered into such subjects as death, hair, LEGO, photography, weddings...The sheer gamut of talking that we did. Well, put two conversationalists onto a couch that haven't seen each other in a long while, and...

The party didn't go half as wild as they have been in the past, which is sort of a good thing. Girlone was pretty stuffed up, so she wasn't quite the life of the party she normally is, but you can't blame her for that.

I was considering walking home at about 2:30, when I realized, "No. That's a bad idea. Walking down Whyte Ave by myself with all the drunkenness around me when I'm still pretty emotionally scarred from my mugging three years ago is NOT a good idea."

So I waited until Dev and MFJ came back from Big Sugar's Last. Concert. Ever. and then walked back home with them. Whew. Thank goodness for friends who understand my neuroses.

Today? Some gaming and hanging out at the house, or, barring anything exciting going on, a reprise of last year's decadent homemade brunch. Must bring bacon and hollandaise sauce to the house today.

* * *

I started at Bonnie Doon earlier than expected. I took a few sicks days to recover from the exhaustion that was the Christmas retail season and the illness I picked up that way. My first day at BD was on Tuesday.

Yipes. I didn't realize what sort of mess I'd be walking into. Tom, the manager, going away for a funeral in Calgary. Staff members leaving at the end of the week. The sheer amount of maintenance that store needs. (Renovations, Mitch. NOW!)

Yeah, I knew it was bad when I left. Fixtures simply falling apart. Problem computers. Etcetera. It's declined in the seven months I've been missing, I guess. Tom's morale's been fading ever since I left, apparently...

Didn't realize how good I had it at Kingsway.

Reading: Cerebus - Latter Days. Man, this is a comic that you have to plough through. It's almost the end of the comic, and this is a lot of Cerebus reading and interpreting the Torah. Heavy stuff.

Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits. Nuff said.

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