A Little Scare

For the past few days, I've been sick.

Some minor cold, the usual stuffed sinuses, sore throat...I'm thinking it's either because of the lack of sleep I've been getting (stupid heat wave) or the current unhealthy eating habits. (When I get home from work at 10 pm, sometimes I don't feel like cooking and eating dinner at 10:30 - 11 at night. So I skip a meal. And don't eat breakfast.)

In any case, I thought I had it under control. Slept 11 hours on Monday. Went to bed early last night. Sucking down lozenges.

This morning, I woke up at 3 am, partly due to the warmth, mostly due to the fact that my right eye, which has been irritating me, was in pain. In fact, I couldn't open it for more that a microsecond at a time.

So I start trying to wash it out with hot water. No dice. Cold water. Sorry, chum. Damp washcloth over my eye. Still no luck.

I have a cold shower at 3:45. Doesn't help at all.

I'm thinking, crap! Do I have to call in sick tomorrow because I can't see what I'm doing? Because the constant fluttering of my right eye will scare off customers? Will I have to go to a doctor? Wear an eyepatch?

I sit down in front of my computer, but the glare of the montior was very painful. I lay down in bed, trying to calm down and relax.

Finally, two hours after I wake up, I'm able to blink and look again. I relax. Read a bit at five in the morning. Fall asleep for another few hours.

I realized that if I were to lose one sense, I could NOT go on without sight. Seeing the world, observing with my eyes, is a very important thing for me.

Which make me ask myself, if I were to lose a sense, which one would it be? I'd have to go with five bucks. Or my sense of moral outrage. But not my sight.

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