Lost income! Gay Bulgarians! All this and more on the next Maury!

I've been tinkering with my HTML today. This way, you'll actually be able to see where one entry starts, if it's all in weblog format. (Sorry, Kit. No clue as to how to retroactively make previous entries into separate posts. Unless I want to restart...) Say hello to GOLD POST HEADINGS! Ooooh!

And Horizontal lines! (Lord, I'm such a design geek...I worship the masters of Quark XPress...)

* * *

Whooo! Girlone's back! And she comes bearing gifts! I'll tell you the story once I receive said gift...

* * *

I was talking with Canton last night about the origins of Jago. So I decide to do a web search. I go on to Google and look up "Jago" and "origin".

What pops up? A site called Bulgayria.

No, this guy is CERTAINLY not me. Although, scarily, we share a lot of the same attributes. My eyes are blue, not brown. And I don't smoke. And I'm not gay!!!

Of course, there's a lot of Jagos in the United Kingdom. It is where we came from, of course....In fact, Girlone and Beth found a restaurant named after me in London. I'm SO looking forward to seeing that picture.

* * *

I found myself out of a photography gig when a choir friend forgot to tell me she had found someone else to take wedding photos. I wouldn't have been miffed if I hadn't found this out mere days before the wedding.

There goes an easy few hundred dollars. Damn.

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