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So many things to discuss...

It's been an interesting week: Understaffing at work has made for some long hours at work. This week, I work until Saturday. Yup. That'll make for 10 consecutive work days. As much as I hate this, I'm glad I'm not in my manager's shoes. He's booked himself for seven days of work, and he gets to work two 12-hour shifts. God bless understaffing.

Last week, I was able to hang out with Kit and Caboodle (I know, groan. Hey, shut up, it works...) as well as Beth. We got to see the Street Performer's Festival. Was able to have some good conversation with the adults, and was able to play with a toddler. Fun times.

Finished up The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. It was a very good read. Now I can give it back to D! and see what's next on the reading list. I'm thinking Memoirs of a Geisha. I've heard good things about it. (Girlone: D!'s wanting to know how the Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius is going. Finish Potter off! Get to Eggers!)

Had a decent day at work today. I sold $2400 worth of merchandise. A computer to a nice couple, a digital camcorder and a fax machine. Whooo! Let's hope I can maintain something like this through the week...

Was able to talk with Kingston today. Talked about his wedding plans and what arrangements I'd be needing to make for a kickass groomsman job. I miss having the old guard to talk to. Must contact Heath, and find Kaz and Perry's numbers again...

Kow's gearing up for the Edmonton Fringe at the end of August, where we have an outdoor stage and about 12 or so shows. Whoo! Any proceeds we get from the shows will be going towards a fall CD, hopefully...So come to Fringe! Watch us perform! Throw bills! Or, if you're female, throw yourselves! At my feet! Wheee!

* * *

For those of you not in the know, I'm a huge wrestling fan. So, I'd like to talk about the current major WWE storyline and what I'm thinking of it:

Kane was a guy who spent five years in a mask and body suit. His angle was that he was the Undertaker's brother who was scarred as a kid in a fire. This origin explained the full mask, no openings on his costume and his aversion to talking. (Apparently, his throat was scarred...) He used a throat synthesiser whenver he needed to talk, but usually had someone do the talking for him.

So, over the past year or so, Kane has changed. He started to lose parts of his costume. Skin, unblemished, would be shown, his mask would become more streamlined and he learned to talk properly again. Soooo...his vocal cords healed then? Riiight...

In the past month, he had the chance to become champion by going up against Triple H, the World Title holder. There was a stipulation added: If Kane loses, he unmasks. He lost, a swerve in the plot I didn't see coming. I mean, why would Kane unmask? He was popular already and he's had a successful gimmick since 1997. So, he unmasked.

The first time we saw him, he had a burned face and clots of hair falling out. Apparently, he wears a wig.

The next week, his face was clear. A bit of make-up to make him look related to the Undertaker (nice touch), but a clear face. And his head was shaved bald.

So he had a sit down interview with Jim Ross, explaining that he was a hideous beast. Ross said, "Look, Kane. You've been wearing this towel over your head for three weeks now. But there's nothing wrong with the way you look."

Kane flipped out, saying that Ross was laughing at him like the doctors did when he was young. They'd SAY he was fine, that the fire burns were superficial and would heal, but they'd laugh behind his back about how ghastly he was. He beat up JR. (Oh, and set him on fire. But that's another story...)

So, what just happened? Kane has been wearing a mask for the past while because of something psychosomatic? Okay. Granted, it's taken the WWE a while to decide on this angle, since for a while, nobody could look at an unmasked Kane because he was so hiseous, so despicable. But they've decided to rewrite continuity this week, apparently. Fine. The psychological aspect works in my mind.

But there's one thin I kept thinking of: So, are we saying that Kane is Doctor Doom? Certainly looks like it.

Also, Trish Stratus teamed up with Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash in a match tonight. It's scary to thing that the girl who's only been wrestling for two years is considered the worker of the team...When Trish is carrying a six-man tag match, you know things are topsy turvy!

* * *

That's about all I can really think of. More when something eventful happens...

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