Rain, customer arguments, and Justice's gargantuan member...

When I left work this evening, I was treated to a post-rain horizon. An oil painting of the sky, with hues of black, blue, bright white and red from the sunset reflection. It was amazing. Sometimes I really hate working evenings, but today it was definitely worth it.

* * *

My friend Justice has been seeing some of the nicknames I give my friends in this journal. He says if I ever want to refer to him, I have to use a specific nickname (although I think Justice is a great name regardless...:

20-Inch Penis.

I heartily agree! Even though I have no idea how based in fact this is, it's a great nickname and one I'd definitely have fun using. From now on, Justice, I will refer to you as such!

In other news, my "0" key has somehow broke on my keyboard.

* * *

Today must have been "Idiot Customers Who Have Beefs and Try To Return Products Way After They're Able To Wednesday."

Just a mindnumbing day. My favourite: The guy who phoned at the beginning of my shift.

Ring ring!

Me: "Good afternoon, RadioShack. Kyle speaking."

Customer: "Yes. I bought a watch from you and I need to get it replaced. I have an extended warranty."

Me: "Okay, sir. When did you buy it?"

C: "I'm in the computer."

Me: "Excellent. When did you buy it?"

C: "I said I'm in the computer."

Me: "Okay. Do you have the receipt on you?"

C: "Well, yes, somewhere. But I'm blind. I'm in the computer."

Me: "I need to know when you bought it so I can look the receipt up. Was it in the past year? A few months ago?"

C: "Last year."

Me: "I'm sorry, sir. I'm not seeing the receipt on my computer system. Do you have the receipt with you at home?"

C: "Well, yes. But I'm in the computer. You should have it there."

Me: "Not in my computer, sir. Did you buy it from my location?"

C: " No, from Westmount."

Me: "Oh, well then, sir. You'll have to go to Westmount if you don't want to find the receipt. They've got in it their computer. We're not linked."

C: "Oh. Well, if I come there and exchange the watch, will you put on a new strap for me?"

Me: "I'm sorry, sir. No. We don't install watch straps."

C: "What? I bought it there!"

Me: "We only sell watches, sir. We don't replace straps. We don't carry watch straps."

C: "You sold me my watch, you can replace the strap!"

Me: "No, sir. I really can't. Company policy."

C: "What's your district office's number?"

I give it to him, he hangs up. About two minutes later...


Me: "Good afternoon, RadioShack, Kyle speaking."

C: "Can I speak to your manager?"

Me: "Let me just check. Sorry, sir. He's stepped out of the store."

C: "He's out of the store??"

Me: "Yes, sir. He'll probably be back in five or ten minutes."

C: (click)

After Jeff comes in, he answers the phone in the back. I go in there about five minutes later.

Jeff: "Arrogant prick. Just because he's blind means we're supposed to treat him like a king?"

* * *

For the second time in two nights, the Number 9 has been rerouted through the River Valley. So, to go down to 109 St, we had to travel 12 blocks to Groat Road, cross the river and go back to 109th. Adds about 15 minutes onto my journey. Hope it doesn't happen again.

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