Grumbling and getting stuff off my chest...(and an exercise in futility)

Grrr! I spend about half an hour writing, and all of a sudden, I hit a link accidentally. Poof! No more writing! Yargh! So here's take two...(Actually, I'm writing this in Wordpad first, just so when I throw my links in at the bottom of the page, I won't lose everything I've written....) A shame, since I thought I had written pretty well the first time...

* * *

Jago's "Customer Hate Story of the Day":

A customer comes in wanting to return a calculator. I ask him what his problem is with it.

"It doesn't add properly. I'm using it to balance my checkbook, and it's not giving me the right figures!"

I look at the receipt, and he bought an extended warranty with it. Fair enough, the purchase was made just over a month ago, but I'll give the customer his refund anyway. I start playing with the calculator, and for about twenty calculations, I get a crapload of correct equations. So I figure the guy just doesn't nkow how to use a calculator properly. I give him the benefit of the doubt.

ME: "No problems, sir. Do you have the packaging?"

CUSTOMER: "No. All it was was the pastic cover and cardboard."

ME: "Okay. I'm going to need to take ten percent off the money I'm giviing you back because you don't have the packaging, though. Company policy. It's a restocking fee."

CUSTOMER: "What? All it had on the packaging was the RadioShack logo! If you don't give me all my money back, this will be the last time I'm coming to this store! You'll never see me again!"

If there's one thing I've learned in my three years of working at RadioShack, it's to not cotton to a customer's threats. If they go to another store, so be it. Especially since I'm dealing with a guy who can't use a calculator properly. I'm not going to beg a customer to buy another item he doesn't know how to use. So I decide to call his bluff.

Okay, I just erased half of the post again! FUCK! Why am I still trying to write this post?

ME: (shrugging) "Okay."

Now I'm not sure what made this guy angrier: The dollar he was losing due to not having the packaging, or me not caring about his threat to never come back to RadioShack. So he decides to be a prick for the rest of the refund.

ME: "Can I get your phone number for the receipt? It's needed for refunds."

CUSTOMER: "I'm not giving you any personal information! I don't want you guys to send me any junk mail!"

ME: (give him a blank look for a few seconds, shrug, and type in a fake number.) "Now, you're going to have to sign the receipt saying you're getting the money back."

CUSTOMER: "I'm not signing nothing!"

At this point, I'm ready to say, "Okay. You're not signing the receipt? Fine. No deal. I can't give you any money back." But I'm not really wanting to have a guy go berserk over a ten dollar refund. i don't get paid enough.

Besides, if he calls the RadioShack customer service line, the company will just have me give him the refund anyway. This way, I was saving the store and myself a whole lotta stress...

* * *

Decided to save my progress at this point, just in case. I don't want to retype a fourth time...

I had to go to Zellers to pick up some store supplies. As it happens every time I go into a store with my nametag on, people decide that I work at that store. It wouldn't annoy me as much if people decided to be aware of what's happening.

Now, the last time I checked, Zellers employees wear a red shirt and a big Zellers nametag. They do NOT wear a dark dress shirt, tie, and RadioShack nametag. In fact, when you enter a Zellers these days, they've got this HUGE sign saying, "THIS IS WHAT A ZELLERS EMPLOYEE LOOKS LIKE!" followed by a big picture of a Zellers employee. But, as always, people assume that since I'm dressed up, I work there.

I'm going up the escalator, and this guy sees me, looks at me for a bit, and asks, "Do you work here?" I shake my head, and say, "Sorry, no. I work at RadioShack."

Not four feet away, a guy who is watching this encounter yells, "I could use some help here!" I don't notice he's talking to me, so he repeats it a bit louder. At this point, both me and the first guy look at him and say, in one voice, "I (he) don't (doesn't) work at Zellers."

* * *

While writing this, I'm currently listening to the radio play, "A Whyte Avenue Canada Day: A Whole Bunch of Drunk Fucks Celebrate Our Nation by Being Assholes on the Night Before." And, I almost delete the entire post again. WHAT"S WRONG WITH ME???? (Saving again just to make sure...)

* * *

I've been reading a lot of autobiographic journal web comics these days. Some of my favourites include: Les McClaine, David Twomey, Dumbstruck, and Drew Weing.

These ones pretty much show snippets from the artists's lives, one day at a time. These ones are GREAT! God, I wish I could draw. But as most of my friends know (such as Grank), I can't draw worth a damn.

Honourable mention: Bolt City. There's not a lot autobiographical about this one, but the guy can really draw!

I should be heading to bed now. Between the noise of drunk fucks outside my window and the contant retyping I'm doing, I'm getting pretty wound up here...

Besides, I've been writing for two hours now...

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