By the time I reach thirty, I will be unmarried and lighter than air...

It rained today.

Not the usual summer rain, the kind that comes down in sheets of small droplets. This was an angry rain, complete with wind. The large drops completely dousing everything it comes in contact with. The rain that cleans with each drop, beating all it touches until whatever the rain fall upon submits to it.

A rain that I had to walk in, yet wasn't displeased with. Somehow, it fit right in with what was playing on my Discman. For some reason, it perfectly associated with the acoustic folk pop sounds of Jars of Clay's second album, Much Afraid.

* * *

I've lost weight.

I'm down to 212 pounds (from about 220). I hope I don't drop too much more. If I go below 200 pounds, I will consider myself underweight.

It's a habit of mine: Whenever I go into someone's bathroom, and they have a scale, I weigh myself. This time, it was at the Canada Day party I attended. Can't distinctly remember the last time I stepped on a scale, but I think it was at the Party House in about March or April. Maybe later, like when I hung out with Girlone before she left for Europe...

* * *

Yesterday was my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. It made me realise that I am older than my dad was when he married my mom. Yipes. Just...yipes.

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