You wouldn't like me when I'm hairy...

Well, the boring day I thought this would be turned into a pretty fun evening...

"Well, I've got two days off and so I can hang out with...No, they're gone. Or with! No, he's working. God, I'm bored."

And this was at 11:00 this morning!

I was able to hang out with Canton first, which is cool because I don't see him these days, with his constant working for 17-hour days...

We went to Southgate Mall (I know, a mall's not where I should be hanging on my days off. At least it wasn't MY mall, and at least I didn't go into RS.) After some shopping, talking and eating, I left him to work and went to Eaton Centre for a viewing of Hulk.

Whooo! That was a MOVIE! Ang Lee is brilliant, the casting was excellent, and the CGI was top-notch. Word of warning, though: If you want to see a superhero movie, or if you just want to see Hulk SMASH!, then this is not the film for you...

There is a bit of relief from the slow, methodical pace that Lee sets. Hulk taking on the army has some great moments, and there's something about how the Hulk is able to swat missles out of his way.

Granted, I've seen some people who HATED Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. And, although I want to slap those people, I can see how, if they wanted a kung fu movie, they'd be sorely disappointed. It was a beautiful film more about the ballet of martial arts, not about one person getting their head kicked in.

So, D! and I loved Hulk. Edmonton Playwright described it as the "worst. movie. ever." So D! and I decided to take the bus home, since we were wanting to talk about how great the film was, not having to defend the movie to people who weren't impressed...

On the bus, D! leans over and says, "Your opinion of me is going to drop when I show you what I bought."

He pulls out a copy of Kingdom Hearts. I laugh.

Background: D! has recently started a relationship with a girl I'll name Oleander. When he was on the phone with her one night when I was hanging out, she asks to speak to me. D!'s puzzled, I shrug.

ME: Hello?

OLEANDER: Guess what D!'s going to do for me!

ME: I give up.

O: He's lending me his PS2 for a month.

ME: That's quite gallant of him.

O: AND! He's going to let me play Kingdom Hearts!

ME: He doesn't own Kingdom Hearts.

O: Oh, he'll buy it for me.

ME: I dunno. That's above and beyond the call of boyfriend duty. At least, in the first week, it is.

O: Did he tell you he was my boyfriend?

ME: Ummm... (realizing I just started a war of semantics with a female) No?

So for D! to buy Kingdom Hearts means that, three weeks into the relationship, he's going above and beyond the call of boyfriend duty.

Eh. I told him that there's nothing wrong with it. He's in a relationship again for the first time since I met him. Of course he'd do something like this.

"Hell, I probably would, too," I said. "If I were in a relationship like you."

This, apparently, made him feel better, since, when we parted ways, he said, "Sometimes, you're the right guy at the right time."

Wooo! Chalk up the friend points for me!

* * *

I feel envy towards some of my friends, who are able to take time out and travel.

Like Girlone, who's in Europe, seeing the sights that aren't Alberta. And Dev and MFJ, currently taking a camping weekend in B.C.

Sigh. If only I had a car, or vacations NOT spent doing other projects, such as choir or Fringe. To be able to even take a weekend to Calgary and see Rich and Perry again. Or Prince Albert to see Heath. Or even be at home for the first time in two years.

Well, there's still Kingston's wedding come March 2004. At least I get to go to Victoria to serve as a groomsman. An honour, to be sure...

* * *

I was on the bus home one night, and there was a patron in front of me that had the distinct smell that took me right back into my past, when I would visit my Grandma Dokken. Not exactly the best smell reminiscence, since in the later years before she died, I realized what the smell was:

Stale cigarettes and liquor.

Reading: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. (I know, this is supposed to be Harry Potter, but I'll wait until I can borrow the book from one of my many friends obsessed with Potter...)

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