Music, of course, is a big part of who I am.

Between last decade's high school jazz choirs, swing choirs, concert choirs, honour choirs, and musicals, Kow, choir, and just the usual, I sing a lot. And listen to music a lot.

And there's the occasional song which transports me to a different place. No matter what, there is that song that will make me remember a specific moment that's happened, a memory that won't be erased.

I've got two, that I can really think of:

1. Tasmin Archer - Sleeping Satellite

This was released in 1993 or so. A mild radio hit, a one-hit wonder of a singer, although she's put out other albums.

This song will ALWAYS remind me of a Grade 10 jazz choir tour, where we went to Kenora, Ontario. My music teacher's parents had a cabin/island out there.

So, we're on a houseboat unter the stars in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. And we've got a stereo out there, just dancing. And Sleeping Satellite comes on. I'm dancing with Joelle McBain and Leah Tressel, two high school friends, under a dark, starlit sky on a houseboat in such a secluded place. It was magic.

2. Natalie Merchant - Carnival

Another dancing memory, this time here in Edmonton. I was on a night on the town with loads of my Lister floormates, and we went to this one bar where a hypnotist was performing. Beforehand, we're on the dance floor, dancing to Carnival. Not as beautiful a memory, but I can always remember it just as vividly whenever I hear the song these days.

Currently, no other songs come close to sparking such strong memories.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle...I happened to google my name today and there I am in one of your fondest musical memories. It made me smile and think of highschool...sigh...what fun and less complicated times! Hope you are well.