Mine my head! Give me cash!

Since this journal's all about putting thought on paper, and there are some moments of "brilliance" that come out over the course of a day that I don't want to forget, here we go...

(1) If there's a colour that looks worse on me than light yellow/saffron/whatever the hell it's called, I don't want to find out. Serves me right for leaving laundry so late that I've only got one clean dress shirt.

After work, I went to Chapters, and was found by D! I told him my concerns, and D! said it's different, but by no means bad. "Considering what you used to wear that you wanted to back when we started hanging out, the yellow looks fine."

Still. I'm an earth tone person. If it's not maroon, dark blue or dark green (like my journal for those who can see the colours...), I tend to ignore it, because it doesn't look that great on me...

(2) Walking from the bus stop to work today, I was laughing inside. I was surrounded by a whole bunch of seniors who were at least one and a half feet shorter than me.

Inspiration struck: If I ever get a TV sketch show, or film a video, I must redo the ending to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but instead of kids running out from behind Indy, it'd be seniors walking (very slowly) out behind me.

I just freed the seniors of the village, and the happy reunion would start. But first, they'd have to get there.

I just have this mental picture of me surrounded by seniors, all of them short, some with canes, the occasional motorized cart (of course). And this frame goes on for a while (MINUTES!) because they walk/ride so slow. Cut to happy families, cut back to me, getting impatient, while the elderly meander...Cut back to the families, cut back to the seniors in pretty much the same place they started in.

Now I don't toot my own horn that often, but I am a GENIUS! when it comes to thoughts like this.

Why doesn't someone offer me a lot of money for the thoughts going around in my mind? Instant goldmine, baby!

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