So I got the news on Sunday: I'm being transferred out of Bonnie Doon to the Kingsway location again. Since the store's having a sales loss, my District Manager is organizing a staff shuffle, just to shake things up and (hopefully) drive up the sales stats.

Why am I going to Kingsway? I guess it's because Mitch remembers how I used to work there (He'd damn well better, since he was my manager back then.), and he wants experienced people at KGM. It IS supposed to be one of Edmonton's top stores, after all...And, scarily enough, I'm probably the most experienced non-manager in the district. At least, I've been with the company longer than any staff member NOT managing a store...

So now, every time I call KGM, I'm getting asked, "So when do you come over?" So it's cool that they're eager for me.

And, of course, true to RS logic, I'm going to the only store that has a guy with the same name as me. Spelled differently (Kiel), but pronounced the same. So there's a pretty good chance I'll just start letting people call me Jago at work. Which is scary, because it's not a nickname I want EVERYONE to know. I like being anonymous in last name...at least to people I don't want a friendship with (95.7% of my customer base...).

So I'm making a list of pros and cons to moving to Kingsway once again:


- More sales. Kingsway is one of the biggest malls in the city. So, there'll always be customers.

- Less shoplifting. KGM doesn't have half the problem with lifters that BD does. Maybe it's because of the security, but mostly because of the next point...

- More staff. Bigger store, more employees. You'd NEVER see me closing a store solo for four hours at Kingsway. NO manager is that stupid...Since there's more hours, and a bigger sales margin, there's usually 1-2 more employees at KGM.

- NOT being in any position of authority. I haven't really been AM at BD since Krysta showed up, but I found that I'd be playing the role, since Krysta rarely did the work she was supposed to. Here, Kiel's AM, not me...

- Better product. KGM's a flagship store, so there's always cool stuff that other stores don't have...

- Being able to hang out with Scott, Rick, and Andrew, friends from improv who work in the mall.


- Longer hours. When I worked there two years ago, I'd have to get up at about 7 or so so I could be at the store for 8:30. I at least get to sleep in when I'm at BD. And don't even get me STARTED on Sunday's shift (2 hours longer)...

- Long commute. I'm looking at a twenty-minute bus ride or so, plus the five block walk to get the right bus. This is horrible at nights, especially, where I used to get home at about 10:30 pm.

- More customers = more morons. I rarely had any time where I could relax, because there's always someone at the counter.


- Short bus trips.

- Amy and the rest of the Bentley staff.

- MFJ at Safeway.

- Jeannie at Lewiscraft.

- Hanging out with the Frenchman, who's usually at the mall for hours on end when he's not working.


- Stupid kids who have nothing better to do than play on our computers for hours on end.

- Seniors.

- The customers who ask specifically for me. Since I have loads of patience, I tend to attract those with special needs : The blind, the paraplegics, people who tend to need tech help and those who generally just won't buy anything...

So, good and bad to this situation. And, who knows? I might find a better job later on in the summer...I'm hoping so, anyway...

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