Odd Transformations 21: Why Was It So Underattended?

My dream this morning (the one I really remember, because after I woke up and hit the bathroom, I came out here and typed the specifics) involved my dad and I going to my elementary school gym.

There was some sort of concert series going on, but it was actually a stand-up comedy series.

There were about ten people in the audience with us watching one of the best Jerry Seinfeld acts I had ever seen, and I was wondering "Why is there nobody here? This is a great show!"

The next night, we went back to see Jon Stewart perform. He had, as a guest for some reason, Ioan Gruffudd, the guy playing Reed Richards in the new Fantastic Four movie.

In my mind, I could see Jon Stewart playing it better, although I know they didn't want to go for a forty-year-old.

In my dream, Dad stood up and shouted how Stewart should be the character of Mr. Fantastic, and Jon wasn't too happy about it. At which point I woke up.

My second dream involved me being shrunk to the size of a mouse or something and trying to sail away from a bunch of big people trying to get me. Not too many details there...

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