Why must others' pain be so funny sometimes?

At about 4:30, I was in the back room, eating my lunch, when I got a phone call from a customer who bought something earlier on in the day.

The customer had come when it's busy (but really, when isn't my store busy?), and asked the most useless staff member I have (sometimes that could identify a few of my co-workers) where he could find auto power adapters. Kenneth pointed him in the right direction, while trying to help others in the store.

The guy bought a cheap power adapter and took it home to plug in his portable TV into his car.

The TV takes 6 volts of power. The adapter puts out 12 volts. (A little electronics lesson for people who aren't really aware: Giving an electronic gadget twice as much power as it's supposed to have usually makes that gadget smoke, or even explode.)

So he's asking what my store can do for him.

I told him I'd get back to him after calling up my manager.

What I'm thinking is, "Look, ass-nuts. It's your fault for not checking voltage before you plug something in. I'm not sure if you asked Kenneth if it would work or what. I'm hoping you didn't ask him a single thing about it and just paid for the adapter. That would do two things: a) Kill any liability on our end. b) Keep me from killing Kenneth for another day."

Chris pretty much had the same reaction. So we decided to call my DM and see what he said.

Of course, I only got Mike's voicemail. And he didn't return my call.

Good thing Chris said he'd take care of it in the morning, because I'm not sure if I'd just flip out on this guy if he came to take talk to me or what...

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