Don't tell anybody, but I'm actually posting from my temporary store of Northgate. That's right, I'm managing while the manager's on vacation.

Why the italics? I'm whispering!

Although I shouldn't have to, since it's pretty dead.

I would have posted earlier, since I'm closing all my days on here. It's nice that I get to sleep in, I guess, but it means I'm back to the "getting home at 10 pm" deal. Granted, I should get used to it, because I'm sure I'll be doing a load of them of my new store of Mill Woods next week.

Northgate's full of clueless people who think that a small mall-sized space holds a crapload of inventory, since I've received three calls asking for bulk orders. I don't mind bringing stuff in, but don't assume that I can get 20 packs of USB cables from Ontario in a day.

On my first day here, I learned that I shouldn't park beside the entrance that's closest to the store. Because I can't get out that way. And if I do the deposit on the other side of the mall, I can't get back in and have to walk AROUND Northgate to get to my car.

Also, for a small mall, it's got the stupidest labyrinths to take out garbage and cardboard. You have to walk to the other end of the mall to get to the hallway entrance, which takes you back to this end, although there's no way to get OUT this way, so you end up traversing the mall about four or five times to get things accomplished.


Don't get me started on the temperature in the store either. It's like when I drive to Northgate, I'm driving past the Tropic of Capricorn. When I hit my store, I'm positive I've hit some Equatorial zone, it's so freakin' hot. And dry. I'm drinking about four litres of water every day I'm here...

The reason I didn't post yesterday was due to me getting a phone call that I slept through. When I woke up at 11:00, I found out that Curtis, one of my co-workers, didn't have keys to open the store.

All I'm saying is thank god I've got a car, if I'm hitting Northgate every day. I'm at half a tank of gas after a week of driving, but I'm sure my new car's one of those that can fill up on $20 worth of gas. As opposed to all my old behemoth cars: the van, the Olds...

In other car-related news, I no longer have a pink heart on the rear window. I now have a pink stylized "M" on my rear window. I'll have to use the scraper I bought to see if I can get it off.

* * *

Canton and I are hosting our Scorpio friend Gina for a few weeks, in her transition period between moving out of Edmonton and actually finishing U of A classes and living in Calgary.

Our kitchen's never been cleaner. (She's cleaning as part of her rent, apparently. It's not a matter of forcing temporary roommates to clean up after us.)

* * *

The new season of Channel 101 has hit the airwaves (well, sorta, since their program lineup changes from month to month due to the voting procedures...).

I'm mentioning this mostly because it's been since October that any new material has hit the site.

Now, we've got a show like this in the #1 shot. And it's amazing, both in concept and execution. My friends and I are quoting from it all the time, now.

Also, the longest running show, The 'Bu, managed to get in again despite actually making an episode. When you see the apology video, though, you kinda know why.

* * *

Otherwise, not too much going on. Had Red's wedding last weekend, and Dev's got a funny story about Llllllloyd's progeny.

I made Kristus bust a gut by faking stage fright on Ed's wedding video. Seriously, it was me glaring into a camera, being stock still for a good two minutes. Once Ed said, "There you have it, Jago's disappointed with the wedding, just like the rest of us," I rushed the camera, yelling my head off. In a church.

Man, I have fun around my friends.

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