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So, yeah. Haven't posted in a while. It's a matter of distractions, with Paper Mario, Prince of Persia, work, wrestling at D!'s, etc. Just been too tired to post for the most part.

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So Safeway's got a new contest these days: Safeway Bingo. You win prizes by getting a blackout card with the numbers they give you.

The secondary contest is to get letters to spell out SAFEWAY and BINGO. You get three letters in your gamepiece.

I opened the gamepiece on my most recent visit, only to find the following letter combination. (And I couldn't make this up to save my life...)

B. S. E.

When I told Canton about this, he died laughing and said, "You should go into Safeway and shout 'I got Mad Cow Disease from Safeway.'"

I'm not sure if I'm going to cut the card up or not. I'll probably leave it the way it is.

* * *

I'm SO close to having my car now. Girlone's getting me my insurance ready for tomorrow, I get my plates once that's done, and Bob's picking me up on Monday to get the car from Sherwood Park.

Girlone and I have been faxing each other furiously with my drivers abstracts and plate histories etc. (Yup. I paid $20 for information I already knew: I've got a clean driving record in Alberta. Saskatchewan? Two accidents on my insurance.)

Girlone said I could fax the rest of the stuff to her so I would be set for Friday.

Me: Would a fax of a cheque work?
Girlone: Oh. Right.
Me: Hey! I could fax the same $20 bill again and again and really save money!
Girlone: Quiet.

* * *

I'm being transferred out of downtown to go to Mill Woods now. Good thing I've got a car.

The manager of Mill Woods is taking over Downtown and making it joint-venture, which means that he's in charge of salaries. Since he's bringing in his wife as his assistant manager, and he's not really willing to take on the salaries of two assistants, it's either me moving to a different store, or me taking a pay cut to become a sales associate again.

The good news is I'll still be with Chris, who I like working with. The bad news is I'm back to regular mall hours this way. No more kick-ass evenings off...


- The sheer amount of beauties who come into our store. We tend to be the closest mall for most university students by LRT, and we've got a lot of good-looking women who work downtown. So that's going to be a loss.

- The hours. Seriously, who doesn't love leaving a sales job at 5:30 or 6 pm instead of 9:30?

- Hitting Fat Frank's on the way to work. Granted, it's no longer summer, which was when the kiosk is a block away from the mall, but still...


- Barry and Kenneth, my co-workers. Good riddance.

- The low-rent customers we get. God, we got some characters. The mall gets the weirdest diversity of clientele.

* * *

That's really all that's new with me the past while. I'll leave you off with this, which seems to be the best English-German phrasebook ever.

Reading: The Island of the Sequined Love Nun, by Christopher Moore
Listening to: Jesus Christ Superstar, the original cast recording.

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