Update From the Year 2005!

Man, it's been a bit of a week. To the point that I've been neglecting my blog. Granted, that's what happens when you're doing something every night and working practically all the rest of the day.

My New Year's resolution is a simple one, but one I'm pretty sure I can handle: I resolve to write something every day.

It doesn't mean you'll be getting daily postings, because it would end up being a boring read. ("Today, I killed a co-worker in my mind. Again.") Sometimes I'll be working on Pirate Academy. Yesterday, I made up programs for the return of Justice City, the warped superhero RPG I'm running. Pretty much any kind of creative writing fits the bill for what I hope to accomplish...

So, I was able to go to my uncle's for Christmas, spend time with the Jago side, minus my family. It was a great time, spending some days with my relatives.

I was going to sleep on my cousin's floor, but Aunt Kim asked if I wanted to take a top bunk in the guest room.

"Who's taking the bottom bunk?"

"Kendra and Ben."

Hmmm...Spend the night on the floor, or sleep with my cousin and her husband...Does the awkwardness win over comfort? Nope. I chose the bed. After announcing in a little kid voice, "I'm having a sleepover with my cousin and her husband!"

I was awakened at about 1 am on Christmas by the front door opening. I took the time to hit the washroom, and bumped into Colin, Kendra's brother. He decided to pull rank and make Kendra and Ben take the couch.

I was okay with sleeping in the same room as Colin and his wife, Joanne. Maybe it's because I've had sleepovers with Colin before. It was a little awkward, but not half as much as sleeping with a good looking female cousin. And her husband.

The next day, while Colin and Kim made tourtiere for breakfast, I asked Joanne, "Um, was I snoring at all?"

"Oh yeah," she replied.


The dinner that night was the Uncle Dan tradition, prime rib. For about the past ten years, it's always been the best cut of prime rib Dan could find.

I love Uncle Dan's tradition. I'm a huge beef-ivore, and while I like my turkey, I'll tend to always take the cow over the bird. Even if my mom is a fan of traditional turkey dinners. I had that at Pseudo Christmas.

EJ liked the memory card I bought for her to supplement my parents' gift of a digital camera. Braden was confused about my choice of media for him (He's never heard of the Greg the Bunny DVD or the Postal Service.) Mom and Dad like their new Cranium board game, although Mom can never find herself a family member who wants to team up with her.

I've been watching the Eddie Guerrero DVD Braden bought me (5 hours of special features!), I've been playing the video game EJ gave me, I've been reading the book my aunt Marian gave me, and I've been wearing the fleece shirt Mom got me.

I had to leave my uncle's house relatively early, so I could prepare for hitting the store at 7 am on Boxing Day. It wasn't horribly crazy, although I was ready to crash about halfway through the day.

Good thing Canton, Deus Ex and I went to go see The Life Aquatic on Monday. I liked the movie a lot, but then, I'm usually in love with anything Wes Anderson does. Bill Murray did a very good job, and once you get to the pirates scene, you'll wonder if it hit "dream sequence." Also, salsa versions of David Bowie sound pretty cool acoustic...

I got D! hooked on Katamari Damacy, which I got him for Christmas. A night was spent playing that...

On New Year's Eve, I went to the Morris celebration. I learned how to play some new games, and I got a new reason for hating myself.

Reason 3,862 Why Jago's An Idiot

During the celebrations, one of Keith's friends, Monique was talking with me. She's cute, and teaches junior high.

After midnight, she was heading to another party with the Sherwood Park friends of Keith, and she asked, "Hey, Jago. Want to come?"

In my less-than-stellar mindset of not enough sleep, I told her, "You know, I'd like that, but it's hard enough to get home from here, let alone Sherwood Park. Thanks for the offer, though." Also, I wouldn't have known anyone.

About two minutes after she left, I woke up enough to scream at myself internally. "You IDIOT! When a good looking girl asks you if you want to go somewhere else, you say 'Yes!' It's the guy code! Your friends would understand why you left! Canton and Dev would understand you coming home late, if at all!"

* * *

Yesterday, we held the Third Annual New Year's Brunch at the house. As Dev put it, "Half as greasy as the first one, not as healthy as the second one."

I made my usual Eggs Benedict for Dev, Canton, Marauder, Anita, and Barber. Also consumed were mimosas, bacon, croissants, and chocolate fondue.

We followed up the food with a board game and a round of Justice City. I made sure they'd have something to deal with for the next game, and it was all pretty much set up. But, man, will it be a battle royal next time around!

In any case, it's time I hit Paper Mario's Chapter Three. Until next post...


Silly Dan said...

Wait...which of us is Deus Ex and why?

Jago said...

I've explained to Dan already, but these days, Dan is Deus Ex. As in "Deus Ex MacQueena," a name I came up with for his new laptop about a month or two back...

Silly Dan said...

We should also point out, for the sake of whatever posterity will be reading our old weblogs, that A/V and Mrs. A/V were there too.