Able to Drive and Nowhere to Go.

So it's been a week and a half since I last updated. This is because it's been a week and a half since I'd had a day off.

No, you're right. I could have update by writing in the evening. But I'm pretty exhausted these days due to idiocy and lack of sleep.

And it's the same old pattern.

In any case, on with the musings...

* * *

I picked up my car on Monday.

It started out by going to the licenser to get my plates. Apparently, Bob and Cathy misread the VIN, and so it took a little while to find the car on the database.

Issuer: So...you go this car in town?

Me: Sherwood Park, yes.

Issuer: Not, say, the States?

Me: No, it's Sherwood Park alright. Since the guy who sold me it is taking me to it after I get my plates from you, I certainly hope it's not in the States.

She looks up Cathy's name in the system.

Issuer: Wow. What are the odds that they've got two 1995 Ford Escorts under her name?

Me: One's a four door. The one I bought is a coupe, if that helps.

We finally figured it out, and I got a great plate.

I was considering vanities that said "Jago" on it or something. The issuer told me that they cost $200 (as opposed to under $50 for a regular set), and that some kids like to collect vanities by taking them off. And that it costs $75 to replace.

So I got letters that remind me of where I live, and numbers that, coincidentally enough, are the first three digits for my Grandpa's old phone number, the first Edmonton number I needed to memorize.

Good plate.

I went to Bob's office, and we drove to his place to pick up my car. It's in good condition. Although I really need to take off the big pick heart decal on the rear windshield.

My first drive? I had to get to girlone's office to pick up the official insurance papers, and to change the VIN so it actually looks like I'm driving the car I own, as opposed to an out-of-country car I might have stolen.

I remember her saying where she worked, but really only remembered that it was on the OTHER side of SP. Like, Saskatchewan-way...

I found myself nowhere near the office, but did realize that the last time I was in this area of Sherwood park, there was a huge church in the middle of nowhere. (And it was one we'd constantly attend for the Passion Play a family friend was involved in.) Now there's a huge church in the middle of urban sprawl.

I hit the Sobey's parking lot in search of a pay phone to call up girlone and get better directions. There's no pay phone in the supermarket, which is tres weird. I look down the sprawl. Blockbuster Video, Tim Horton's...

I consider taking my car, but it's only half a parking lot away. No probs. I walk into the donut shop. No pay phone. Video store. Nada.

I look down the way. Another strip mall. Reconsider going back for the car, slap myself for being a pussy. For the past few years, I walked everywhere. Eight blocks was nothing. I wasn't going to succumb to being a slave to my car to walk down to another parking lot.

There's no pay phone here either. What's down the street? Esso station. There's GOTTA be a payphone there.

I finally find one, after walking two blocks worth of sprawl. But I'm NOT a slave to the car!

I call up girlone, and she tells me she's on the OTHER far side of Sherwood Park (namely, north) so I trudge back to my car.

I tell her this story when I get to her office.

Girlone: You've only had the car for an hour. Wait a while. You'll get enslaved.

Me: I can see it tonight. "Well, Canton. Good night! I'm off to my room!" Vrooom down the hallway.

So since then, since my week and a half of constantly working, I've gotten to drive it thrice. Once to get lost in Sherwood Park, and twice to get to D!'s for wrestling.

Tomorrow, though, I go out to buy an extension cord for the block heater, and a scraper. And some gravel for the walk.

* * *

On Friday, I shoveled the walk.

Now, this is something that might be uncharacteristic. Because I hate housework. There's a reason I've got fond memories of my apartment (well, aspects of it anyway...); one of those was the fact that I didn't have to mow any lawn or shovel any walk.

But, I figured if Canton was planning on shoveling with his bad knee, I might as well do it. And man, it was a "feel the burn" moment. Once I hit the back fence, I said "Screw it. My car can take the non-shoveled part. This'll do."

* * *

So I'm not going to Mill Woods right away, since I'm apparently taking over managing Northgate while their manager goes on vacation. And then I might take over St. Albert while their manager goes on a two-week paternity leave.

I hope I get paid for this. Granted, I'm treating this as "Keep the store afloat, do the daily reports, sell," not as "Gotta revolutionize the store" like some people have in the past. (The Frenchman will remember when Christine took over Bonnie Doon for a while...) So I'm not expecting to do a lot of "manager work."

Good thing I've got a car.

* * *

I downloaded a bunch of Katamari Damacy tunes. SUCH a brilliant soundtrack.

Also, I realized how much I LOVE Outkast and especially, "So Fresh, So Clean."

Seriously, "I love who you are/I love who you ain't/You're so Anne Frank/Let's hit the attic to hide out for 'bout two weeks" is one of my favourite lyrics.

* * *

Remind me to tell you about falling in love with a barista girl while "personal shopping" for a customer. I even started writing a song about it...

* * *

Reading: Finished up Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore. And realized I only had two more of his books to read (Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove and The Stupidest Angel). Currently on Knight Life by Peter David.

Listening to: Katamari Damacy songs, the usual mix tape for the store, redone every few weeks to get fresher songs in.


Diego said...

So what's the song, Reethoven?

I just combined "retard" and "Beethoven".

Jago said...

You'll hear it when it's written.