So Florida gets hurricanes, and we get...?

Yesterday at work, my district Manager was talking on his cell about how he was heading out for Spain the next day, and that he's glad to get out when it's expected to snow.

I was ready to just condemn him on the spot when I saw the conditions outside. Cold rain, below-average temperatures.

Still, when Ii left the house with D! at about 10:45 p.m. to go to his place for some WWE viewing, I didn't think that it would be that much and that puffy.

And I certainly didn't think the visibility would be so low as to make D! completely miss the big telephone pole in my back lot. Or should I say, completely hit it, as he took out his passenger's side mirror with it. And as the guy SITTING in the passenger seat, it gave me quite the scare as well.

So, yeah, there's a bit of snow lying on the ground today. Not enough to shovel yet, which is good, since I'm not sure where I put the snow shovel.

Oh, wait. I remember where I put it. I put it in NOVEMBER, where it belongs!

* * *

Snippets of dream that I thought were weird today:

Me having my haircut by someone I've never gone to before. Different, but more of a variation on the way I get my hair styled these days.

Also, finding in a West Ed Mall hybrid, a likeness of me as a small toy statue. As in, there was a miniature me in one of those little displays, with my hair cut in my usual place, the details pretty well exact, including the shade of maroon/burgundy of one of my dress shirts.

I was pretty freaked out about it.

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Princess Blogonoke said...

Haha! You put your shovel in November! Hilarious!