The Kow media juggernaut keeps a-chuggin'

So we just finished up the CBC gig, which went pretty well. A half-hour interview/concert where we got a pretty good lunch turnout in the heart of Edmonton.

Other than my mic level being a little low, and my voice sounding pretty gravelly, it was fun. We got some publicity out of the deal, we got free CBC shirts, and I went to Fat Frank's for lunch.

Fat Frank's, for those of you not in the know, is the best hot dog kiosk in Edmonton. I got addicted to their Honey Ham Smokie when they opened a booth on Whyte Ave last year.

Seriously, the smokie is HUGE! And it's SOOOO good.

But the kiosk on Rice Howard Way, a block away from my mall? They've got the biggest condiment table I've ever seen! Two kinds of homemade relish (corn and pickle), sauerkraut, onions, pickles, olives, five or six different mustards, the same amount of mayos (including my favourite, Hellman's Bacon and Tomato), chili sauce, ketchup...

It's great. And only five bucks for a huge smokie and drink. Bliss...

Anyways, back to the media blitz.

I was REALLY pumped to hear Shelagh Rogers introduce our "Hey Ya" cover on CBC nationwide this morning. They spliced it in with the original song just so viewers could tell the difference. And we got our names out across Canada! Whoo!

There's the Examiner article, as I posted earlier, and the CKUA show he had to turn down, since it's when three of the four of us are not available.

And in today's edition of See Magazine, we're mentioned twice for our two shows this weekend, which are both listed as Picks of the Week. (Saturday: NoHarm, Sunday: Kitchen Sink Cabaret - The Druid, 11606 Jasper Ave, 8 pm show start, 7 pm doors open, Pay what you can - $10 recommended...)

So, nice publicity for us.

* * *

Brian Wilson's finally releasing the album that broke his mind back in the 60s - Smile.

I'm not sure if I'd buy it or what. It's pretty interesting sounding, from what I've heard, but I think I'd just go ahead and buy Pet Sounds first. I mean, really, after 35 years of hype, Smile can't be all that it's made out to be.

I'd probably buy it for Dad's Christmas gift, mind you...

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