The l*** sat upon the gr***y knoll...

On my way home tonight, I passed some derelicts at the Second Cup on Whyte. I caught this snippet:

"This whole shitty planet is fucked up!"

I'd like to see you cope on Mars, bucko. You think EARTH is a shitty planet! Try living on a planet that doesn't support life! Like, oh, I dunno. EVERY OTHER PLANET IN YOUR SOLAR SYSTEM!

* * *

So I was on the Quintessential website today, checking out our competition in Northern Harmony.

They've got a guestbook, so I thought I'd leave a note.

This is what I typed up:


Well, it looks like it'll be another year of performing at NoHarm with you guys. The guys in Apocalypse Kow and I are looking forward to see what you come up with in terms of repertoire, as I'm sure it'll be another set of fun and great harmonies. You guys really deserve the Audience Favourite you picked up last time.

Just so you guys know, Kow is looking forward to taking the crown this year.

So, here's some smack talk (tongue in cheek, of course...) to get you guys riled up and ready for the performance.


You guys are going down. Alas, you happened to get in the way of the a cappella juggernaut that is Kow. Talk to Saskatoon's Hoja to see how much pain they suffered at our hands at this year's Fringe. It was a dirty game, but I know all the moves to be assured victory on any stage.

As a courtesy to you, I will be sure to make your demise swift and painless.

Bass, Apocalypse Kow

Oh, are you guys planning on having an accident before the show so one of you will need crutches again? I think I can milk the crutch gag a little more...

Or, at least, that's what I typed. Apparently, the guestbook has a filter on it so the family-friendly types won't be offended by people writing in.

So, it appeared as "Kyle Jago, B***, Apocalypse Kow" and "***uming."

So what was a fun little challenge in my eyes turned into something which LOOKED a lot more profane and mean-spirited.

Eh, I'm not miffed or anything. If anything, it adds to my rep.

Before I leave, a list of words that wouldn't be let through by Quintessential's guestbook:

S***afr*** (Dev thought that one up)
******in (That was all Axler)

Listening to: Frou Frou - Let Go; Postal Service - Such Great Heights; Aimee Mann - The Scientist (originally done by Coldplay)

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