Misunderstandings on the drive home...

On the way back from Kow rehearsal in Barber's car:

I had bought a Super Big Gulp to alleviate the non-liquid intake I had yesterday during work, since it was too busy for me to grab food/drink.

The four of us (Me, Dev, Barber and Canton) were, of course, just having way too much fun bantering. I was also just drinking my 7-Up like a demon. (Yeah, everyone who's ever eaten with me/hung out with me/done ANYTHING with me knows about how quickly I drink and eat. It's pretty scary to see me suck back a litre of liquid in under five minutes, or eat two cheeseburgers before we get half a block away from the fast food place.)

Canton had said something to make me threaten him with my drink. (Like that's something new...)

Me (muttered): I'll stab you with my Big Gulp.

Dev mentions Richard Gere in some form or another.

Me (muttered): I'll stab Richard Gere with my Big Gulp.

Dev turns back to me. "WHAT?"

Me: I said, "I'll stab Richard Gere with my Big Gulp." Why? What did you hear me say?

Dev: "Stan Richard Gere'd my Big Gulp."

Me: What does that even mean?

Dev: I don't know. That's why I was asking for clarification.

Barber: I didn't know that "Richard Gere" had become a noun all of a sudden.

Dev and I (in unison): Verb!

The four of us died laughing for the better part of five minutes.

* * *

I was interviewed for the Edmonton Examiner today.

Not for a position, mind you. For a write-up on Kow going into Northern Harmony later on this month.

I'll have to see how that goes...

You people ARE getting tickets, right? Only $16 for adults, $13 for students! Click the link!


Silly Dan said...

oooh.... the Examiner.

(and no, I'm not getting tickets unless you're taking the show on the road to southern Ontario, which I keep telling you guys to do.)

Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous! I just don't have a stupid "eblogger" with blogger.com. That doesn't make me any less of a person!!


Thank you for this post. I now understand your messenger name. Well, I BETTER understand how you formulated your messenger name. Of sorts.

Jago said...

Oh, I know that not all people are anonymous. And I'm not asking you to register (although you don't even need a journal to do so. Ask D! and Dan...).

I'm just asking you guys to attribute your post if you're not logged in, just so I don't go crazy trying to figure out who people are...

Although I'm certain you're someone on my messenger list...