Media Harlot, I mean, Darling...

So I've been going hugely into the media for Kow and NoHarm. Firstly, it started with a miniconcert that we threw for the Chorus, which went over pretty well, although Kristin said with some regret that she now has to introduce us as alumni of the choir and not current members.

Although we threw our new Grease spin into Mighty Mouse, which was completely being me being stupid at rehearsal. We just threw it in there for a laugh, and the audience LOVED it. We didn't think it would go over gangbusters like that, that's for sure...

On the way home from karaoke at RATT, Canton and I were shocked at the scene in our backyard.

Vicky, the landlord, called me up that day to say that her husband would be doing some pruning of our backyard tree to kill some of the huge branches.

I'm not sure if her husband's insane or what, but we came to find a trunk with no branches. It looks horrible, so I'm hoping they'll be removing it from the backyard. The tree wasn't the best, but at least it gave us some green and some privacy.

* * *

Then my interview with the Edmonton Examiner came out and all of a sudden, I was getting calls from CBC. Not just Edmonton CBC, which asked for a copy of our bootleg disc, but Sounds Like Canada, a national show that wanted us to perform. Gah!

I mean, we're on the Big Breakfast tomorrow (A-Channel, 8:40 a.m.), but we've done that before, and it's mostly local, unless you've got satellite.

CBC is big. At least, National CBC is. Needless to say, I was almost hyperventilating when I got that call.

Now CKUA's also asking for us. Apparently, we're this year's "it group."

If only our schedules allowed for all these appearances...

* * *

We're doing renovations at the store these days. It should take about a week.

The good news is that I can show up to work in any old ratty thing. The bad news is I still have to show up to work to clean the store, rip out carpets, and just babysit the store while the renovating crew is working.

I've realized that most customers are VERY stupid.

Now, I can understand coming into the store when we've got the doors partly open so we can take fixtures out, even if all the staff is in non-selling attire. I'd just say, politely, that I'm sorry but we're currently closed, and we couldn't ring in anything even if we wanted to, because we have no working terminals. To be quite honest, though, we DO have five 8x10 signs up on the doors saying that we are closed for renovations.

When the renovators started making a scaffold and blocking people's way, the stupider ones would go AROUND the scaffolding, OPEN the doors to the store that seem to be closed for a reason? That's when I have a problem, and I pretty much say, "I'm sorry, but we're closed. Please, I can't do anything for you."

When there's a PROTECTIVE BARRIER that's 14 feet high, and a door has been put in front of the storefront, along with 5 blatant signs saying that we're closed for a week, and you OPEN the door, go past the construction workers, open the STORE doors, walk through an empty store that has all the carpet ripped out, and there's only product on the walls and that's it? That's when I start saying, "Bitches, leave!"

That's when I brought out the paintbrush and paint, and started writing in three foot high letters, "RadioShack is closed, motherfuckers!" Well, more like "Closed for renovations," but you get the drift.

I wonder how many people will ignore that blue on white message. Next, I bring out the tasers.

* * *

Sunday was my day off. Canton had just bought the Sims, so I was sitting down at play it on Sunday morning.

At 12:20, my boss Chris called, saying that Ammon, our new hire, hasn't showed up for work yet, and he's got the keys to open the store.

"It'll take me about 45 minutes to get to work, with my shower and all," I said.

"What if I picked you up?"

I resigned myself to working on Sunday, since it would be a four hour shift at that point. Chris said he'd make it up to me.

So he picks me up after one of the shorter showers I've had, and we drive off to downtown.

Where I get there, Ammon's opening the doors, an hour late.

I wait until Chris takes Ammon in the back to chastise him, and then I go off in search of a good place for breakfast.

There's a restaurant in the mall that serves eggs benedict, I so tried them out. A darn good breakfast (Mixed Grill Eggs Benedict - Instead of just ham, it was ham, bacon, and Mundare sausages. And the sides were great...), although they were out of English muffins, and their hollandaise was too small an amount for my liking.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for them to give me a cup of hollandaise to drink after dousing my eggs in it.

God, I vowed to myself I'd never do that again.

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