If I didn't know any better...

I'd say that someone was joyriding around in a fire engine tonight.

I was outside D's place, waiting for the bus to arrive. A few blocks down Whyte, a siren went off and out came a fire truck, rushing in the direction of University.

When it got past the Safeway, it decided to u-turn at the crosswalk, plowing around until it was literally about four feet away from the bench I was sitting at.

Out of instinct, I pulled my legs underneath my bench.

The truck then stopped its siren, went back towards the east, flipping its signal lights left, then right, all while keeping in a straight line down the middle of the road.

I sat staring in the direction it disappeared in, trying to figure out exactly what I just saw. And then I went back listening to U2's B-Sides, 1980-1990, deciding it wasn't worth the strain on my mind.

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