RadioShack Ronin

Okay, so I AM getting a vacation for Fringe. All 12 glorious days of it, other than working a four-hour shift tomorrow. Whoo Hoo!

Also, I'm being transferred to another store after my vacation. I'm going to Edmonton Centre, deep in the heart of downtown.

Negatives? Slow when it's not business customers. The close proximity to RS district office.

Positives? Closing down at 5 on weekdays. Booyah! Shorter commute.

In the week I'm off for Fringe, I'm literally ronin. An assistant manager without a store. But, hey, I still get paid, which is all that matters...

Tomorrow's my last day at WEM. It's been fun at times, horribly aggravating at others.


Anonymous said...

So, Jago's a ronin, and his roommate's a ninja.

I'd better get some of that shaolin training before I get back to E-town, eh?

-- Dan

Jago said...

Canton says: "That's a completely different culture!"

Sorry, Dan. Looks like you'll have to brush up on samurai skills instead.