"It's a good thing you're cute, Jago..."

So I decided my Kow shirt needed to be washed, and I asked Canton if he wanted to put his in as well. So we threw some Kow shirts and some towels into the washer.

An hour later, I separate the shirts from the towels, because the shirts are going to be needed for right away, and they won't take as long to dry when they're not amidst a bunch of large wet towels.

So I go back upstairs. I decide to have my shower, because it's summer and I am one sweaty guy who really should shower every day. (I'm a cat that way...)

"Hey, Canton," I say, "I'm going into the shower now. The shirts should be done in a half hour."

Canton: "They'll need longer than that."

Me: "Nope. You see, I separated them from the towels so they'll dry quicker."

Canton: "Smart thinking."

Me: "Yep! You see, Canton, I was thinking about it before hand. After all, what needs the bigger priority? The shirts we're going to need in an hour, or the tow-"

I grimace with my "Damn, am I stupid" expression. And go downstairs to borrow a non-wet towel from Dev.

* * *

The CDs will take longer than we expected. There won't be mechanical rights for two to six weeks.


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