New journal, same old ranting...

So, for those of you who are new to my (Jago) journaling, welcome.

I started blogging/journaling just over a year ago when I moved into my apartment. I just wanted an outlet for my work-related stress, and I also wanted to practice my writing, for the day I finally get a job in my chosen field (journalism).

While I liked the Diaryland experience, there was just something more I wanted in my blog. Maybe it was due to the constant reading of such blogs as defectiveyeti, The Sneeze and mightygirl. Maybe it was due to wanting pictures and things I just couldn't do through Diaryland. Maybe it was not wanting to edit my entries in pure html.

In any case, I moved over here.

And for you newbies, yeah, it's pretty hard doing 133 entries in under a week. I decided to take my entire archive over here. So it might feel weird to see all these unedited entries and have no context. Hence, the archive.

And I tend to ramble when it comes to my journal. Those who know me in real life know that it takes me a bit to talk, but once you get me started? Take a seat. Bring some snacks.

But, yeah. New beginning.

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